Christos Nikas

Social Media Manager & Content Creator,

Christos is a designer and social media marketer, focusing on Instagram marketing and content strategy. He is also a speaker, educator, content creator, owner of multiple businesses, and convention organizer. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design and a Post Graduate degree in Computer Graphics & Animation from "AKTO Art and Design" as well as the Diploma in Digital & Social Media Marketing from Knowcrunch.

He has managed to successfully grow an 160.000 Instagram community in under 2 years. Currently he is growing his Greek account which is a 25.000-and-growing community. Since 2020, he has helped dozens of business owners and creative entrepreneurs achieve similar or better results through coaching, speaking, and sharing daily educational Instagram-related content.

He has spoken (and/or been invited to present his keynotes) at Instagram Summit 2022, and multiple other online and live events worldwide. (DJC Nashville, Wedding Circle, Creative Business Conference, Untitled Mastermind, Mindset Reboot Conference etc).

Christos Nikas participates in:

Masterclass in Instagram Platform & Ad Manager

Masterclass in Social Networks

Masterclass in Digital & Social Media Marketing