Dimitris Kontarakis

Internet Marketing Consultant, Esteps

Internet Marketing Consultant & SEO Strategist (B.A. Politics, MSc Marketing, Certified Google Adwords).

Dimitris Kontarakis is an Internet Marketing Consultant, founder and CEO of eSteps Internet Marketing Consultants, a company established in 2010 and a certified Google Partner.

He is active in the field of Digital Marketing for the past 15 years, with numerous successful case studies on Ebay, as well as in the highly demanding fields of e-shop marketing, websites and Online hotel bookings.

Firmly believes that strategy is half the battle - particularly in exigent Digital Marketing - and his Business philosophy is step by step moves.

He considers SEO to be the ultimate tool providing all the information we need both in life and enterprises, thus acknowledging it as probably the most important element in Digital Marketing.

He has extensive experience in competitive market analysis and developed Internet Marketing Plans for a large number of companies in all sectors of the Greek economy.

He has been the appointed rapporteur on a series of lectures (ACCI, XENIA) and an expert guest on Financial TV and radio broadcasts like SBC ChannelMarketing in Practice and Market View.

He holds a Bachelor Degree in Politics and a Master Degree in Marketing, at Huddersfield University UK. He is also a Certified Google Ads Partner (Search-Display- Mobile-Video- Shopping Ads).

Dimitris Kontarakis teaches:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization Workshop

Dimitris Kontarakis participates in:

Professional Diploma in Digital & Social Media

Apr 22 - July 17, 2020