Ethel Agelatou

LinkedIn Trainer, Ethel Agelatou

Ethel Agelatou is a LinkedIn Trainer and Consultant, specialized in promoting and highlighting the corporate, employer and personal branding of LinkedIn’s users within the platform. She has trained more than 6,500 people via hands-on workshops and auditorium lectures, and collaborated so far with more than 50 organizations and associations. As part of her devotion to LinkedIn, she launched her LinkedIn & Facebook company page, while also the LinkedIn GreekCommunity hub on Facebook, educating, assisting and uniting all Greek LinkedIn users.

In parallel, she works as a Corporate & Employer Branding Coach and an HR Consultant for more than 10 years, as well as an Editor of Consulting Journals (offline & online), covering topics on unemployment, personal branding, HR researches, entrepreneurship and Social Media (LinkedIn Blog,, (B2C), (B2B),, HR Professional, Career Guide, During her career, she has both worked for Recruitment Agencies and HR departments, specializing in selection, recruitment, communication and corporate social responsibility.

Ethel is a certified Social Media Professional from STAREGISTER_Intl and teaches LinkedIn practices since 2015, on KnowCrunch’s Professional Diploma in Digital & Social Media, powered by DEREE-The American College of Greece. She holds an MSc in Human Resources Management from Cardiff, University of Wales and a BSc in Business Administration from DEREE-The American College of Greece.

Ethel Agelatou teaches:

  • The Social Media Platforms