E-Learning Masterclass in Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Advanced Facebook advertising course!

An advanced professional course on Facebook ad manager, tags, audiences and all different advertising campaigns & objectives. This course offers thorough step-by-step tutorials on how the new Facebook ad manager works.


Course learning outcomes

After completing this course:

  • You will be able to fully understand all Facebook's advertising campaigns.
  • You will have the ability to setup, manage & optimize different ad objectives.
  • You will be able to identify problems, evaluate strategies, and develop solutions for your campaigns.
  • You will demonstrate the ability to evaluate Facebook campaign results of any kind.
  • You will be able to to create cohesive, persuasive ad creatives for different channels & placements.
  • You will be ready to integrate and apply Facebook advertising strategies and propose a complete media plan.

23 hours video learning & practice

Study and learn from the comfort of your home with video-on-demand learning. Watch video lessons on demand. Start and stop anytime you want, any hour of the day.

6 months access to videos & files

Get all the time you need to watch and review our training many times. Complete faster than others and boost your speed to market.

  • 23 hours of videos, 2 hours of exercise

  • In Greek (στα Ελληνικά)

  • For beginners & advanced students

  • 6 months access to videos & files

  • Watch anytime from desktop or mobile

  • Syllabus Manager

    Syllabus Manager

    Tolis Aivalis