“The garment is the house of the body.” An essential truth combined with visual boldness, directs the future aesthetic into the eternal now. The silhouettes of Ioanna Kourbela define their own dimension of archetypal elegance.

Energy from classical and modern art, greek radiance, natural raw materials, vibrant polymorphic forms and lines that extend motion, create the ethereal but earthly world of Ioanna. The respect towards man and nature, the instinctive comprehension of traditional ideals and the quest for futuristic harmony, as well as her innovative sustainability measures in fashion,  constitute her unique design and expression principles.

Ioanna Kourbela insists on producing in Greece her four pret-a-porter collections as well as her haute couture bridal collection.  Garments filled with emotion, giving people the opportunity to express different aspects of themselves every day.   With a growing successful presence in 25 countries, she is constantly meeting new “companions” on an aesthetic journey of self-awareness and self-liberation.