Katerina Diamantaki is Assistant Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator at the MA in Digital Communication and Social Media program at Deree, where she currently teaches the courses of Applied Communication Theory, Social Networks Behavior and Digital Media & Computer-Mediated Communication. Her scholarly expertise focuses primarily on New Media Studies from a socio-cultural perspective, but expands to other areas such as strategic communication, persuasion, audience research and memory/space studies. Dr. Diamantaki has participated in numerous research projects covering a wide range of topics, such as media representations, science communication, educational technologies, online political communication, locative media, the adaptive web, user experience, and the Internet of Things. She currently holds the position of Independent Expert in Community-building for the EU-Community project (7th Framework of the European Commission). Besides her academic career, Dr. Diamantaki also has extensive professional experience, having worked as a communications specialist for the European Parliament, the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and other social, political and scientific organizations.