Maria is an e-commerce & digital marketing specialist. She always seeks for different and innovative ways of combining and bridging the digital with the physical world, in order to add product value, improve operations and enhance overall customer experience. 

She has worked for both Corporate and SMEs clients in various industries such as retail, advertising, real estate, services etc. with either B2B or B2C focus, performing different roles in the digital marketing arena. She launched her own startup in the field of experiential tourism and operated as a freelance consultant in digital marketing projects. Having been involved in such a hybrid portfolio of projects - each presenting different challenges and needs - she has gained a holistic view of the market. 

She holds a BSc in Business Administration from the American College of Greece and an MSc in Information Technology, Management & Organizational Change from Lancaster University. 

However, she believes that if somebody wants to be active in the digital marketing field he/she needs to be a lifelong learner and be able to learn-unlearn-learn again over and over. Her motto for personal and professional development is: “if you want something you never had, then you’ve got to do something you’ve never done”.