Panagiotis Tsaggas

CEO, Susurrus

Panagiotis is an entrepreneur with Computer Engineering background, keen on technology oriented companies and the startup scene. Panagiotis loves making communications and has a soft spot for marketing and advertising.

He started his career in 2012, when he co-founded Brainbow Development ( , a web & mobile agency based out of Patras.

Currently, he is part of Susurrus (, the leading influencer marketing platform in EMEA, where he serves as the CEO of the company. As the CEO he takes care of the business development and his main focus is making Susurrus a global platform.

In parallel he was curating the Open Coffee Patras meetings, the monthly events for the local community of tech startups (2013-2017). A TEDx speaker also and a Startup Weekend Organizer.

Panagiotis Tsaggas participates in:

Masterclass in Influencer Marketing Strategy

Masterclass in Digital & Social Media Marketing