A communication and marketing professional who has been working in the entertainment field for over 20 years. Started off as a fame and talent manager for the record company EMI where she excelled in media relations focussing mainly on TV promotion, representing and managing some of the most famous greek artists. For the past 14 years she has devoted her career in the TV industry, leading and guiding the Marketing team of ALPHA TV. She has led all major projects covering the full spectrum of the brand image - corporate identity, digital transformation and corporate CSR activity. 

She has a BA in Communication Arts (Westminster, London), an MA in Image Studies (University of Canterbury, Kent), an MA in Film Comparative Semiotics (University of Canterbury, Kent) and a Professional Diploma in Digital and Social Media (Knowcrunch).

She considers fashion and music as the major points of refference of contemporary culture and the main forms of expression – thus the amounts of money spent on magazines and the hours invested into stydying the newest trends on social media!

She tries to live by her favorite statement: “I think happy” which sometimes conflicts with daily “drama”.

She is a digital media enthusiast, a TV series fanatic, a tennis player and but above all, a pop culture devotee.