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All the Knowcrunch's awards until 2023.

Knowcrunch is an award-winning digital marketing education & training

2016-2018, Knowcrunch took twice in a row the 'Best Digital & Social Media Marketing Education' in Greece, by Social Media World.

2020-2021, Knowcrunch was awarded as the "Best E-Learning Digital Marketing Education" at the Education Leaders Awards by Boussias!  

2020-2021, Knowcrunch won another two titles by Content Marketing Awards.

1) Best digital marketing course for Multi-Channel Content Strategy

2) Best digital marketing course for the Use of Multichannel Social Media

2023, Knowcrunch was awarded by the Growth Marketing Awards, Education Leaders Awards, Content Marketing Awards & Social Media Marketing Awards in the following categories:

For the E-learning Masterclass in Digital & Social Media Marketing:

1) Best digital marketing course for inbound funnel performance

2) Best digital marketing course for product-market fit

3) Best digital marketing course for performance of growth marketing in InfoProducts

4) Best online digital marketing education

5) Best lifelong learning & Employability - Reskilling/Upskilling

6) Best Multi-Channel Content Marketing Strategy

7) Best use of Facebook Group

And for the digital marketing academies, it has created for businesses:

8) Best digital marketing academy for Growth Marketing Performance in B2B Services

"Digital marketing education must be accessible from everywhere, quality, constantly renewed, complete and practical." This is the vision of Knowcrunch all these years, which the whole team and its instructors are constantly implementing.

We, the Knowcrunch team, are extremely happy and excited as our e-learning programs continue to emerge as the best digital marketing education in Greece. We will try our hardest to continue investing in and developing our training programs.