About KnowCrunch

We do exceptional training

Knowrunch's focus

We provide in-class & e-learning training courses for business, marketing and digital marketing topics. Furthermore, we offer bespoke customized corporate training programs for your executives. Our educational programs target professionals and make learning & personal growth acceleration a great experience.

We are dedicated to fostering knowledge to individuals and corporations of all backgrounds.

Our professional diplomas

Offered in-class or as an e-learning, the professional diplomas are different educational programs featuring in-depth panels on the tactical uses, different strategies, features and regulatory changes, vendor solutions and technology advancements. These courses increase your understanding so you can make sound decisions that underpin lifelong success. These courses have a duration up to 3 months.

Our professional certificates

Offered in-class, the professional certificates are educational thorough advanced seminars where people attend lectures and then practice. We partner with key leaders and hands-on instructors in any field to promote best practices. These courses have a duration up to 1 month.

Our professional crash courses

Offered in-class, the crach courses are fast track, hands-on workshops where people work on their own projects and practice on specific tasks. These courses have a duration up to 3 days.

The congresses & meetup events

Industry's specialists provide latest news, best practices, business & marketing experiences to a large audience of executives & professionals. In some of them the best professionals of each market compete against each other to demonstrate a tactic, solution, platform or strategy. In these events we create experiences while building a great community of people who love lifelong learning. These events have a duration up to 2 days.

KnowCrunch's mission

Our mission statement is: learn, transform, thrive. We help you understand all the tools required in your relevant market, we support your business by empowering your employees' soft skills, we teach effective strategies in the real world to drive successful implementation, we focus on how to generate results.

KnowCrunch's educational power

We get our inspiration from the place where things happen: Silicon Valley, California. We are active in several countries and cities. Drawing on the support and expertise of the digital marketing or entrepreneurship, we provide educational programs that strengthen any opportunity across those communities.

KnowCrunch's training experience

We are proud to have mega brands and large corporations in our portfolio and we are honored to work with the best instructors and keynote speakers across different countries, with the best-in-class educational programs updated from the market itself.