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The website https://knowcrunch.com (the “Website”) belongs to the company “KNOWCRUNCH INC.”, with its registered seat in Delaware, USA, 2035 Sunset Lake Road, Suite B2, Newark, 19702, (“Company”, “KNOWCRUNCH”, “We”, “Us”).

By using the Website by any means, users (“You”) totally accept these Terms & Conditions (the “Terms”). We kindly request you to read these Terms carefully. The Terms constitute a legally binding agreement (the “Agreement”) between you and the Company. They apply just as if they had been made and executed in writing. If you do not agree to these Terms, you should not use the Website.

You must be eighteen years old or over to accept these Terms. By agreeing to these Terms, you represent and warrant that you have the capacity to enter into this Agreement and that you abide by all of the Terms of the Agreement.

Intellectual property rights


All Website material, including, but not limited to design, text, images, layout, data, articles, graphics, logos, images, software, course materials and the entire content of the Website is owned, controlled by, licensed to, or used with permission by Company and is protected by copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property rights. You agree that any content of the Website, as described above, shall not be, inter alia, copied, reproduced, modified, recorded, published, distributed or exploited by any means. You are not authorized to modify, adapt, disassemble, or decompile the Website’s software by any means.

Course materials

In particular, as regards course materials and any downloadable content of the Website, including but not limited to presentations, lectures, lecture notes, texts, materials, syllabi, study guides, bibliographies, diagrams, images, videos, multimedia presentations, files or any possible combination thereof, Company grants you with a time-limited access license to all these materials on a fee basis. You agree that information provided on or downloaded from this Website will be used solely for your own personal, non-commercial use and benefit, and this information is not to be recorded, saved, distributed, sold, transferred or otherwise made available to third parties without the Company’s prior written permission. You may not copy, recompile or create derivative works from the information provided on this website. Access to these materials shall not, in any event, entail transfer or licensing of intellectual property rights.


Knowcrunch® is a registered trademark of the Company. All trademarks, brand names, and logos appearing on the Website are Company’s and  third parties registered trademarks and they enjoy full protection under the applicable laws. Unauthorized use of Knowcrunch® or any other trademarks appearing on the Website is strictly prohibited.

We may use the logo of your business or the company you work for on our website, on our social media pages and on our advertising campaigns. The purpose of such processing is to build trust and credibility for Company’s services and promote our services. If you do not wish or do not have the authorization for us to use the logo of the company for which you are employed, please notify us and we will promptly remove it.

Violation of the terms of this Article by any means shall draw the subsequent penalties and liability foreseen by applicable laws. Company reserves the right to terminate these Terms and deny you access to all the materials of this Website in case of suspicion of a violation or an actual violation of this Article’s terms.

Processing of personal data 

The processing of personal data is carried out in accordance with our Privacy Notice and Cookies Notice.


The Website offers online registration to courses in a classroom and video e-learning courses offered 100% online.

If you wish to purchase a course, you must fill in personal, billing, and payment information. By placing your order (“ENROLL NOW”) and submitting your registration request, you give an indication of wishes to enter into a binding contract with us.


When you purchase a course, we grant you a time-limited, non-transferable, access license to all course materials.


Once you enroll, you automatically create a personal account (the “Account”) and you can log-in by entering your e-mail and password. Once you enroll in our e-learning courses time starts counting (in case you have a limited time/period access). You are personally and solely liable for all actions taking place via your Account and for your proper log-out after the end of each use. You shall immediately inform Company in case you become aware of any unauthorized use of your Account or any possible security violation. Company shall not be held liable for any damage caused to users who fail to comply with the present condition or users who can not complete the courses on time.

Contract information

We provide you with clear, correct and understandable information about our courses before you conclude the transaction (e.g., nature of the course, dates, duration, benefits, syllabus, instructors, accreditation etc.) and the enrollment fees.

Enrolment fees

Fees are subject to regular review and change. In case of any change, the new fee does not have a retroactive effect for previous orders before this change. Fees and other amounts payable are published separately for each course and the most recently published pricing is payable by all attendants. Prices for all different enrollments are inclusive of all fees and applicable taxes.

Payment methods

You can pay by SEPA direct debit, credit card or debit card. You will be asked to fill in your card number, expiration date and security code (CVC). Company does not keep or store card information details for maximum security.  If you chose to pay by SEPA direct debit, by providing your IBAN and confirming this payment, you authorise (A) KNOWCRUNCH INC and Stripe, our payment service provider, to send instructions to your bank to debit your account and (B) your bank to debit your account in accordance with those instructions.

Payment by installments

In some cases payment can take place by installments. Please note that you will be charged the 1st installment the moment you register or enroll. Please note that if you are paying by installments and we receive no payment on time, your account's or course's access will automatically be cancelled and you will not be able to access the course. We possess every legal entitlement to request the outstanding installments that you owe should you choose to cancel your registration.

Payment processing & encryption

All payments made by card are processed through electronic payment platforms such as Stripe (PCI Service Provider Level 1). Stripe uses TLS and encryption protocol on a Secure Sockets Layer - SSL. Encryption is a way of coding the information until it reaches its recipient, who will be able to decode it using the appropriate key. Thus, this means your data and transactions are absolutely safe.

Cancellation and refund policy

Refunds for in-class courses

You have the right to withdraw from an in-class course contract within fourteen (14) days (“Cooling off period”) before the course without any justification. If you cancel an in-class within the above period, we will provide 100% refund. If you cancel an in-class course after the Cooling off period, the amounts paid for these courses will be refunded under the following terms:

  • Cancellations received 14 - 1 days before the course will receive 50% refund.
  • Cancellations received after the course starts, will NOT be eligible for any full or partial refund and you must complete all of your outstanding payments or installments.

If you are paying by installments and we receive no payment on time, your account's or course's access will automatically be cancelled and you will not be able to access the course. We possess every legal entitlement to request the outstanding installments that you owe should you choose to cancel your registration.

NO Refunds for e-learning courses

The applicable consumer protection law provides for an exception to the above right of withdrawal regarding digital content. Due to the nature of the online courses (digital content) the cooling off period, expires 14 days after the conclusion of the purchase OR when you gain access to the content for the first time, whichever is sooner. “Gaining access to the content” shall mean the moment you login and have access to the course materials. Before you gain access, you acknowledge and consent that you lose the right to withdraw from the contract. Therefore, payment refunds are NOT allowed for e-learning courses, unless you do not access our course materials at all. After login you automatically use our services and cannot cancel. The amounts or installments paid for these courses will not be refunded in case the applicant cancels an enrollment. We possess every legal entitlement to request the outstanding installments that you owe should you choose to cancel your registration.

How to exercise the right of withdrawal

To exercise the right of withdrawal, you must inform us of your decision to withdraw from this contract by an unequivocal statement. You may inform us in the contact form of an unambiguous statement.

Effects of withdrawal

If you withdraw from this contract under the above terms, we shall reimburse to you all payments received from you within 14 days from the day on which we are informed about your decision to withdraw from this contract. 

Certifications recognition & validation

Successful graduates

Students who successfully complete a course, pass the exams and graduate receive an official and recognizable professional diploma.

Non-successful graduates or no exams

Students who do not pass the exams or completed 100% of a course without exams receive a certificate of completion.

This certification is trusted by major agencies and the international industry. When you are certified by us, your customers, co-workers and partners are assured that you are committed to staying at the top of your market as a professional.

Valid certifications consist of:

  1. Degree description
  2. Graduate name & last-name
  3. Credential ID (for confirmation purposes)
  4. Issue date
  5. Expiration date

Certifications are valid only after a graduation ceremony or/and when downloaded from our website. We do not mail hard-copies of certifications to your physical address.

No warranty - restriction of liability

The content of the Website is offered ‘as is’, with no guarantee, explicit or implied, of any kind in relation to its commercial use or its suitability for any specific purpose. No explicit guarantee is given that the pages, services, features, options and contents of the Website will be provided without interruption or errors, or that any errors will be corrected. Despite our efforts, there is no guarantee that the Website does not contain any harmful content.

Given the nature and volume of the information on the Internet, under no circumstances, including that of negligence, shall we or our representatives be held liable for any form of loss or damage sustained by the user of the services, options and content of the Website, use of which he/she makes entirely and solely at his/her own initiative and responsibility. 

Although we aim to meet the highest industry standards through our services, neither we nor our partners shall be held liable for any inaccuracy or misleading information provided on our Website or course materials. Company shall not be held liable and is not bound by erroneous data entries to its Website.


Linking to this website

You may link to content in this Website for informational purposes only as long as you agree to:

  • Use a textual URL to link to our content which should be 'FOLLOW' by search engines bot.
  • Not use our logo without prior written consent.
  • Not frame or use any framing techniques to enclose any of our content on your website.
  • Not imply our affiliation or endorsement of your product or service without prior written consent.
  • We reserve the right to request the removal of any links from your site. All such requests must be granted immediately.

Links to other sites

The materials and data provided through this Website are intended for general informational purposes only. Official partners, affiliates, sponsors, for our events or courses are visible on this Website. We do not guarantee the accuracy, timeliness or continued availability of any information on non-affiliated websites accessed via hyperlinks to or via this website. Moreover, providing such hyperlinks does not imply sponsorship or approval of those websites by us. When you access one of these sites, you are leaving the Website.

Termination policy

Company may at its sole discretion, remove or prevent or deny or block access, in whole or in part, to all material or course or group or newsletter, terminate a user's access or account of this site or mobile app in case of any suspicion or actual violation/breach of our terms, conflict of interest, copyright infringement, or any reason or no reason.


You are liable towards us and our partners for any damage caused as a result of illegal or harmful use of the Website from your side, as well as for the illicit use of the services provided by the Website or any use in a manner that does not comply with the present Terms.

You agree to indemnify Company against all damages, losses, costs and expenses, including legal fees, arising out of any breach of these Terms by you or other liabilities arising out of the Website’s use.

Amendment of terms & conditions

Company reserves the right to modify at any time the contents and scope of these Terms even without notice. For this reason, we encourage you to visit this page from time to time to get informed of any changes. In the event of any subsequent amendment of the Terms, if you use the Website at a future date, this shall imply that you accept the new Terms.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

The above Terms and any amendment thereof are governed and shall be construed under and in accordance with the Greek law, European Union law and international conventions to which Greece is a signatory. 

Any action arising out of or pertaining to these Terms shall be initiated and maintained in the courts of Athens, Greece.

Contact us

If you have any questions about our terms & conditions, the practices of your dealings with us, please just send us an email or contact us: KNOWCRUNCH INC, 651 N. BROAD ST. SUITE 206, MIDDLETOWN, DE 19709, USA.