How Knowcrunch supports students' career development?

Published: 30 Jan 2024, Last updated: 05 Mar 2024
Two people shake hands because they made a business deal with each other.

Knowcrunch has forged partnerships with a diverse network of over 300 prestigious brands, agencies, organizations, and recruitment organizations in order to support career development of graduates.

About Knowcrunch

Knowcrunch is a globally recognized educational institution that specializes in delivering high-caliber in-class, video-on-demand e-learning courses, and corporate training programs centered around business, marketing, and digital marketing.

Who are Knowcrunch's programs aimed at?

Our programs cater to both professionals and executives already entrenched in the (digital) marketing industry as well as individuals seeking to kickstart or transition their careers into this dynamic field.

How Knowcrunch helps students to find employment?

Beyond imparting comprehensive and up-to-date education, we give the opportunity to our students and graduates who are seeking employment and help them to connect with numerous agencies, brands, organizations, and recruiters actively seeking well-prepared candidates.

Strategic partnerships with agencies, brands, organizations, and recruiters

We have established partnerships with over 300 agencies, brands, organizations, and recruiters. We meticulously collect the LinkedIn profiles of our students and graduates, regularly sharing this curated list with our network of partners. These partners are constantly searching for skilled individuals to join their teams or third-party companies (in the case of recruiters), and our students have the opportunity to be introduced to them.

Job listings in exclusive Facebook groups

On a weekly basis, we discover and post between 50-70 job openings in our private Facebook groups, exclusively accessible to our students and graduates, spanning across Greece and Cyprus. This initiative provides our graduates with a comprehensive overview of available positions and direct access to apply for roles aligned with their aspirations.

Job opportunities via instructors

Many of our students foster direct connections with our instructors during our in-class courses. These instructors frequently scout for new talent to integrate into their teams and companies. Consequently, several students secure promising employment prospects even prior to program completion.

Career opportunities from esteemed brands & agencies exclusively for Knowcrunch graduates

Numerous prominent companies and agencies specifically seek out Knowcrunch graduates to reinforce their teams and divisions. They reach out to us through email, and we promptly publish these job openings within our private Facebook groups for graduates. In several instances, we directly recommend individuals for specific positions.

Student/Graduate job placement rate of 90-95%

Knowcrunch boasts an exceptional student placement rate, ranging from 90% to 95%. Our commitment to support begins on the very first day of enrollment and extends well beyond program completion.

Study with Knowcrunch

At Knowcrunch, we offer determined support to our students and graduates in their professional journeys through a multifaceted approach either through our cooperation with agencies, brands, organizations, and recruiters, or through our instructors, or the collection and posting of job positions in our Facebook groups. This support commences from day one of enrollment and continues until they secure their desired career opportunities.

If you aspire to become a part of the Knowcrunch community, connect with industry peers, and swiftly navigate your way into the marketing and digital marketing sector, consider enrolling in our courses, taught by esteemed C-level professionals in the industry.

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