Managing Partner at AIVAL.COM

Tolis is an international strategist, certified motivational speaker/trainer, and a leader in digital & social media marketing performance. He has hands-on operating experience on consumer & enterprise internet, social media, gaming, music, advertising, technology, media and mobile.

He started his career in 1995. He first managed Power╬Łet a web design & development agency, later in 1998 founded a web sites competition (now Ermis Digital), was the Head of Digital in the organizing committee for the Olympic Games in Athens 2004, was Head of Digital in an interactive advertising agency in 2001 (Arbo Media), was Director of Marketing & Sales for ANT1 Media Group, in 2007 founded and managed a digital & social media marketing agency (Social Brands), in 2008 co-founded Ad Web Media Sales House, in 2009 founded a startups pitching event (StartupDay) and in 2011 founded a startups directory (Startup Nation).