Demosthenis Spiridis

Managing Partner, Zoltar

Demosthenis is a seasoned marketing and advertising professional with over two decades of experience in the industry. His passion lies in digital and Web 3.0 marketing strategies, and he has a proven track record of driving growth and enhancing brand visibility for his clients.

Currently, he serves as a Web 3.0 Marketing Strategist at, an innovative, future-focused Web 3.0 agency where he leverages cutting-edge technologies including blockchain and AI to offer consulting and insights for client projects. Demosthenis also holds the Project Manager position at FuturEstate Alliance, where he drives operational success in real estate tokenization projects. In addition, he is the Social Media Manager at Twisted Square, a boutique creative agency, where he helps businesses build a robust social media presence and connect with their target audience. Lastly, he hosts the weekday morning show at, entertaining listeners with a daily dose of music, wit and wisdom.

Earlier in his career, he helds various roles in marketing and sales, including serving as a Brand Manager for Porcelana, Commercial & Marketing Executive at Tender Loving Companies and Mediaview Publishing, and Advertising Sales Manager at Metromedia, 95.2 Athens DeeJay, and At Metromedia, he played a key role in introducing new station formats to advertisers and generating significant annual advertising sales revenue.

He considers hiself a lifelong learner, with a Bachelor's degree in Advertising from the College of Media & Communication at Texas Tech University. He also holds certifications in Google My Business Basics, Introduction to Digital Currencies from the University of Nicosia, and a course on Web3.

Beyond his professional life, he is an avid snowboarder, dancer, and travel enthusiast, always looking forward to connecting with like-minded individuals and exploring new opportunities for collaboration and growth. Whether strategizing for a new marketing campaign or navigating the backcountry powder of Greek mountains, he is always pushing boundaries and striving for excellence.

Demosthenis Spiridis participates in:

Masterclass in Digital & Social Media Marketing

Masterclass in X (Twitter) Platform

Masterclass in Pinterest Platform