Galinos Giaglis

Managing Director, Orange Click Media

Galinos is the founder of OCM - the leading programmatic Network in South East Europe and the only Google Certified Publishing Partner covering the region. 

He has over 11 years of experience in Digital Marketing & Advertising and especially in the programmatic ecosystem being an early adopter. His mission is to help Advertisers & Agencies understand and embrace the programmatic world and its mysteries. Automation, Dynamic Targeting & Creatives, Weather & Real Time event induced buys are the future and he wants all of us ready to buy.

Galinos Giaglis participates in:

Masterclass in LinkedIn Platform & Ad Manager

Masterclass in All Advertising Managers

Masterclass in Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Masterclass in Advertising Strategy & Planning

Masterclass in Google Advertising

Masterclass in Facebook Platform & Ad Manager

Masterclass in Digital & Social Media Marketing

Masterclass in Instagram Platform & Ad Manager