Olga Pitsari

Co-Founder and Creative Content, BOLDOT

"Creativity is intelligence having fun", said Albert Einstein and Olga fully embraces it.

Being creative is her way of life. Her love for design, fashion, advertising, and of course Marketing obviously determined her professional course and career. She specialized in Fashion Marketing, and taught Fashion Management at a leading fashion school in Thessaloniki. Digital Marketing and Social Media Management studies followed and a Content Marketing expertise was foregone.

Olga has Bachelor’s degrees in Marketing & Business Administration, studies in Fashion Design & Styling, and she is a graduate of Knowcrunch’s Diploma in Digital & Social Media Marketing. As a Co-Founder and Creative Content Director of BOLDOT, she shares her long experience and creativity with her team, and together they offer unique quality content for their customers.

Olga Pitsari teaches:

  • graduate-hat-iconHow to use Canva.com to design different graphics

Olga Pitsari participates in:

Masterclass in Digital & Social Media Marketing, Thessaloniki, May 2023