Natassa Manitsa

Owner and Creator, EduMarketing Agency

Natassa Manitsa has studied School Psychology, Translation and British Studies, Marketing, Communication & Social Media Marketing, and quite recently she started her MA in Philosophy and the Arts. She has been a keen blogger, a radio producer, a site chief editor, a teacher trainer, an author, and a translator for more than 25 years. She has delivered numerous seminars, workshops and webinars all over the world.

For 15 years she was the Media & Communications Manager of Express Publishing. She is also the creator of the educational podcast, Teacher's Coffee. Recently, she founded her own company, EduMarketing Agency, offering Communication, Content creation, and Marketing services to Education-related organizations and schools. She is also the producer and presenter of the Deeper Learning Schools podcast "Pod the Vibe" and of the IATEFL TEASIG (an International Teachers' Association, based in the UK) podcast "Tea with TEA", the Webmaster of the IATEFL TEASIG, and a freelance speaker and trainer.

Natassa Manitsa teaches:

  • graduate-hat-iconHow to produce & distribute audio podcasts

Natassa Manitsa participates in:

Masterclass in Content Design & Production

Masterclass in Digital & Social Media Marketing

Masterclass in Digital & Social Media Marketing, Athens, May 2023