Nikos Xydas

Managing Director,

At the age of 19, Nikos dropped out of the Athens University of Economics and Business and founded the Humble Digital Agency, which developed into a rapidly growing Digital Agency, with advertising activity in more than 70 countries.

Humble started as a self-funded startup with two staff members, and today has 20 employees, while collaborating with multinational large companies, and has been awarded in numerous events for its approach that combines Creativity with Performance.

The company has the "Premier Google Partner" title, which is the highest recognition by Google and certifies the increased efficiency of the company, its ability to manage a large number of campaigns and, at the same time, rewards the strategy with which it approaches the Google Ads advertising channel.

Humble was the first work experience of Nikos, during which he took on the roles of Creative Director and Performance Director, roles for which he was awarded in relevant events, while, to meet the needs of Humble's clientele, he was invited to work in areas of User Experience, Data Analytics, Ecommerce, as well as Client Service and Business Development.

Nikos Xydas teaches:

  • How to use Google ads manager account for agencies
  • How to use personal Google ad account
  • How to create and manage Google ads tags (goals)
  • How to create and manage Google ads audiences
  • How to run traffic & conversions advertising campaigns on Google search
  • How to do keywords research for search ads with Keywords Planner or other tools
  • How to match targeted keywords with Google search ad creatives
  • The Google search ad campaigns metrics & KPIs

Nikos Xydas participates in:

E-Learning Masterclass in Digital & Social Media Marketing

E-Learning Masterclass in Google Advertising

Professional Diploma in Digital & Social Media Marketing, January 2022, Athens

Jan 12 - April 01, 2022