Marietta Sarigiannidou

Managing Director, MYND

Marietta is an experienced marketer and content creator with expertise in the recently established niche of Mindful Marketing. Combines academic knowledge – holding an MBA in Marketing from the University of Macedonia – with experience earned from working with brands and organisations globally.

She is the founder of MYND: a women-powered digital marketing agency and content creation hub. Marietta is a public speaker and a blockchain enthusiast.

She is an early CANVA evangelist from 2014 and Squarespace expert. 

She loves combining energies from different fields of the creative process and helping brands and people tell their stories in a mindful way.

Marietta Sarigiannidou teaches:

  • graduate-hat-iconFacebook page & community building
  • graduate-hat-iconTikTok account & community building
  • graduate-hat-iconYouTube channel & community building
  • graduate-hat-iconGoogle my business account & community building
  • graduate-hat-iconPinterest account & community building
  • graduate-hat-iconX (Twitter) account & community building
  • graduate-hat-iconInstagram account & community building

Marietta Sarigiannidou participates in:

Masterclass in Digital & Social Media Marketing

Masterclass in Content Production

Masterclass in Instagram Platform

Masterclass in Digital & Social Media Marketing, September 2024, Thessaloniki