E-Learning Masterclass Digital & Social Media Marketing

An impressive e-learning

This 100% online EQF 5 level training program has an exceptional video-on-demand syllabus. Includes all the digital & social media marketing channels, campaigns, strategies, practices, tools, metrics & KPIs. Inspired by the top universities and driven by the latest updates in digital & social media marketing industry.

Watch from home, 100% online, 4 months access

Study and learn from your home, start watching anytime you want, any hour of the day, take automatic exams and get your diploma online.

110 hours of 545 videos-on-demand

Transform faster than others, save your budget and boost your speed to market by learning with video learning.

Start working immediately

This professional training is your best step towards thriving in a career as a certified Digital & Social Media Specialist. After graduating, you will be able to immediately find a job or offer services.

Award winning education

Awarded as the 'Best Digital & Social Media Education' in Greece, by Social Media World in 2016, 2017, 2018.

Industry recognized credentials

Organizations are assured of the quality of this training because it has a long track record as a catalyst for change, a great reputation and is trusted by thousands of top agencies, brands and corporations.

  • 110 hours of video

  • Lessons in Greek (στα Ελληνικά)

  • For basic & advanced students

  • 4 months access

  • Syllabus Manager

    Syllabus Manager

The benefits of studying with us



Free access to valuable material & presentations during your subscription 



4 months access to 110 hours of videos-on-demand



Our alumni has priority on notifications about job offers & positions



Our alumni gets notifications about marketing specs (calls for proposals)



Our alumni gets free tickets for monthly mix & match or meetup events



Our alumni gets free tickets for annual recap events or congresses



Our students & alumni get free online support during their learning and after that

Apostolis Aivalis

Managing Partner, AIVAL.COM.

Panos Alefragis

Head of Digital & 360 advertising, The Newtons Laboratory .

Konstantinos Androutsos

Head of Digital, GIM.

Alex Charalampidis

Managing Director, Monks.

Alexandra Karasaridou

Marketing & Business Development Director, Horeca Market.

Panagiotis Papachatzis

Strategy and Communications Advisor, Red Wolf Creative Agency.

Dominikos Pritis

Founder-Editorial Director , techingreek.com.

Omiros Tsapalos

Strategy and Communication Consultant , Strategycom.

Lazaros Tzanetos

Business Development Director, Apifon.

Georgia Zacharaki

Digital Strategy & Innovation Director, Tempo OMD.

Awesome things our graduates say

Frequent questions & answers

Before enrolling

Are there any prerequisites necessary for this training?

No specific prerequisites are necessary for this course. However, our training is aimed at individuals, organizations and companies with some basic understanding OR some previous experience OR graduates from academic majors of the following functions:

  • Marketing
  • Communication
  • Sales
  • Public relations
  • Internet
  • Information technology

Who is this course for?

This program is designed for people who wish to extend their existing work or career into digital & social media marketing:

  • Executives
  • Influencers
  • Freelancer & Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Students
  • Academics

Also this course will boost companies willing to include digital & social media marketing channels & tactics in their existing business model:

  • Brands, small businesses & corporations of all segments
  • Digital & social media agencies
  • Creative (advertising) & media agencies
  • Consulting firms
  • Internet providers
  • Bloggers, media & publishers

Why is this course better than other courses available?

This is a multi award winning course chosen by the major agencies and brands. It offers great value for money and the most recognizable certification.

The curriculum & syllabus:

  • Is exceptional and includes 80% exclusive topics which cannot be found in competition 
  • Is updated daily 
  • Has the proper length to guarantee more hours than competition 
  • Is thorough and covers all channels, strategies & tactics in depth - not just 'some' basic stuff

The instructors:

  • Are market leaders or influencers with hands-on operating experience
  • Are certified trainers and can teach & mentor others
  • Show personal interest for each student and are always available to answer questions in-class or online

We care about your growth and we:

  • Organize frequent networking events to mix & match professionals
  • Manage the biggest active Community of Digital Professionals which helps you thrive
  • Offer immediate access to digital & social media jobs, agencies or brands with 80% hiring rate
  • Actively introduce and guide students to jobs in brands, digital agencies and corporations

Prices & payments

Do prices include taxes? How do I pay?

Prices & taxes

Prices for all different tickets are inclusive of all fees & applicable taxes.


Your registration is binding and a payment is required before you book your seat. You can pay by credit or debit card only.

Payment by installments

Installments are available for our in-class courses & some e-learning courses and can be offered when you pay by credit card. Please mind that if you fail one of the installments your account freezes and you will not be able to attend our course.

During your learning

How often is the content updated or sections/lessons upgraded?

We upgrade and enrich our sections & lessons monthly. When there are new topics that need to be part of our syllabus we just do it.

We update our training presentations & bonus material daily! We never keep old stuff in our training. When something changes or is about to change, it becomes part of our curriculum.

We update our training videos monthly! When something critical changes we move into production and deliver new videos.

Do I gain access to learning presentations & bonus material?

YES. You will have online access to all course's educational material (presentations in PDF format and bonus material) during the course. The educational material is strictly copyrighted and available for your own use only.

Can I watch the videos any time or day I want?

Yes. You can watch our videos anytime you want, any day you want. They are prerecorded and available on-demand.

Is this course similar to the Professional Diploma in Digital & Social Media?

Yes. This course offers exactly the same lectures, live tutorials, instructors, educational material and final exams.

The only difference is that our e-learning program does not have team exercises but optional personal exercises instead. You upload your personal exercise on our online support group and instructors talk with you about your personal exercise. 

Exams & certification

Do I take exams? Which is the success score? What if I fail?

Are there any exams?

Yes. You take exams when you complete your training.

Exams success score

In order to be successful and eligible for your certification you need to have a grade of at least 70% in your exam score.

Exams failure

If you fail to pass your exams we allow you to try again but you would need to enroll to our course again in order to update your knowledge.

Do I get a diploma?

Students who successfully pass the exams and graduate receive an official and recognizable professional diploma.

Students who don't pass the exams receive a certificate of completion.

This certification, but most importantly this advanced knowledge coming from us, is trusted by major agencies and the international industry. When you are certified by us, your customers, co-workers and partners are assured that you’re committed to staying at the top of your market as a professional.

Learning skills & outcome

Which are the digital marketing positions I would be able to work for?

After successfully completing this course you will be able to upgrade your work skills or apply for new job positions such as:

Strategy & Sales positions

  • Digital & Social Media Head 
  • Digital & Social Media PR Manager/Consultant 
  • Digital & Social Media Marketing Manager/Consultant 
  • Digital & Social Media Sales Manager/Consultant

Operational positions

  • E-Commerce & E-shop Manager/Consultant
  • Content Marketing Manager/Freelancer
  • Social Media Marketing Manager/Freelancer
  • Search Engine Optimization Manager/Consultant
  • Google Advertising (SEM) Manager/Consultant 
  • Facebook Advertising Manager/Consultant 
  • Twitter Advertising Manager/Consultant 
  • LinkedIn Advertising Manager/Consultant 
  • Premium Display Advertising Manager/Consultant/Planner/Buyer 
  • Affiliate Advertising Manager/Consultant/Planner/Buyer
  • Messaging & Automation (mobile & email) Manager/Consultant 
  • Growth Hacker
  • Performance Marketing Manager/Consultant 
  • Monitoring & Analytics Manager/Consultant 
  • Social Media Insights & Analytics Manager/Consultant 

Academic positions

  • Digital & Social Media Trainer/Instructor

What skils do I gain after completing this digital marketing course?

After successfully completing this course you will be able to:

Overall knowledge
  • Understand the web & social media consumer behaviours & decisions
  • Compare and leverage all digital & social media channels & tools in your work
Plan & form any strategy
  • Draft digital & social media strategies & action plans with a detailed budget (SEO strategy, social media management strategy, performance & inbound strategy, advertising strategy, complete digital & social media strategy)
  • Include digital & social media campaigns & tools into your communication & media mix
Implement anything
  • Find, evaluate and manage digital & social media service providers & partners
  • Execute your strategies through a project structure, with milestones, deliverables and KPIs
  • Increase conversions, generate more sales
  • Reduce your expenses and budget spending
  • Hire digital & social media executives and understand their terminology and skills
Measure & evaluate results
  • Monitor & optimize the impact of your digital performance and effectiveness
  • Report all your digital & social media results, activities and KPIs
Offer & sell services to others
  • Start selling digital & social media services to your clients as a freelance professional
  • Include digital & social media services in your business & revenue model for your company

This course is not just about 'understanding' and it is not just a 'fast track'. It is about being able to implement and thrive in your market.