Stavroula Kogka

Performance Marketing Manager, Wizard

Stavroula is a performance marketing manager at Wizard. She has worked as a digital media planner for big FMCG brands but her enthusiasm for data analysis and e-commerce led to her specialization in performance marketing. Now, PPC campaigns and web analytics occupy most of her day. Currently, as a member of Wizard, she is responsible for the digital marketing strategy for a client base that includes brands & companies awarded for their performance results. She’s also a proud Google Ads Instructor at Knowcrunch. Stavroula is always trying to be one step ahead by adopting every new feature in the digital environment. Her goal is not only to manage campaigns, but also to act as a business consultant for her clients.  


Stavroula Kogka teaches:

  • graduate-hat-iconGoogle display advertising campaigns
  • graduate-hat-iconYouTube advertising campaigns
  • graduate-hat-iconGoogle Discovery advertising campaigns
  • graduate-hat-iconGoogle remarketing advertising campaigns

Stavroula Kogka participates in:

Masterclass in Meta Advertising

Masterclass in Google Advertising

Masterclass in Digital & Social Media Marketing

Masterclass in Digital & Social Media Marketing, April 2024, Athens