Stefanos Sklavenitis

Managing Partner, Flipside

Stefanos is the Head of Digital and co-Owner of Flipside Digital Media, a well established agency based in Thessaloniki.
His involvement with media started at 1995 as a journalist for TV, magazines and radio stations. He’s into digital marketing as a professional from 2009 and has worked since with over 100 brands, both domestic and international.

He was one of the very first instructors for Digital Marketing Diploma powered by DMI when it was introduced in Greece back in 2014 and is still active at providing seminars both to public and companies, in Athens and Thessaloniki.

You can find him in every tennis tournament that's being held in Greece.


Stefanos Sklavenitis teaches:

  • graduate-hat-iconLinkedIn personal profile & community building
  • graduate-hat-iconLinkedIn page & community building

Stefanos Sklavenitis participates in:

Masterclass in Digital & Social Media Marketing

Masterclass in Social Networks

Masterclass in LinkedIn Platform

Masterclass in Digital & Social Media Marketing, September 2024, Thessaloniki