Nano Papaioannou

Managing Director, Copyartist

Nano is an experienced Digital Content Manager and Creative Copywriter, specialized in English content and copywriting. She has worked in various agencies before she initiated “Copyartist”, her own agency specialized in creative copywriting.

She holds a master’s degree (MA) in education & teaching of English from the University of York, UK, and never stopped learning ever since. She has been trained on digital and social media marketing at the awarded diploma of Knowcrunch, and has been educated at Oxford Saïd Business School, on Digital Marketing Disruption.

She loves helping brands and people tell their stories in the most creative, unique, and unpredictable way.


Nano Papaioannou teaches:

  • graduate-hat-iconHow to find ideas for your content strategy using tools
  • graduate-hat-iconHow to write search engine optimized articles for your blog
  • graduate-hat-iconThe content marketing strategy
  • graduate-hat-iconContent production
  • graduate-hat-iconContent distribution
  • graduate-hat-iconContent promotion
  • graduate-hat-iconContent marketing evaluation & metrics
  • graduate-hat-iconPrepare a content marketing strategy
  • graduate-hat-iconPresent your content marketing strategy

Nano Papaioannou participates in:

Masterclass in Digital & Social Media Marketing

Masterclass in Content Production

Masterclass in Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Masterclass in Digital & Social Media Marketing, September 2024, Thessaloniki