Tolis Aivalis


Tolis Aivalis has hands-on operating experience and a proven track record of innovation on consumer internet, social media marketing, gaming, music publishing, advertising, technology, media publishing since 1996. Tolis is an international strategist, certified motivational speaker/trainer, and a pioneer in digital & social media marketing. 

In 1998 he founded AIVAL business consulting firm and the Web Awards contest (today Ermis Digital). In 2001 he managed Arbo media sales house  (later acquired), in 2007 he founded Social Brands agency (later acquired), in 2009 AdWeb media sales house (later acquired), in 2009 Startup Day contest and in 2010 Startup Nation directory and finally in 2010 Knowcrunch digital marketing training organization.

Tolis is always helping others and gives back to the community. He founded Digital Nation group and he participates as a judge or moderator in several awards and conferences internationally.

Tolis Aivalis teaches:

  • graduate-hat-iconStudents welcome and registration
  • graduate-hat-iconCourse Overview
  • graduate-hat-iconThe marketing mix
  • graduate-hat-iconThe digital marketing fundamentals
  • graduate-hat-iconThe customer, the journey, the funnel
  • graduate-hat-iconAdvertising campaigns fundamentals
  • graduate-hat-iconThe digital marketing strategy
  • graduate-hat-iconDigital marketing strategy research
  • graduate-hat-iconDigital marketing strategy creative concept
  • graduate-hat-iconDigital marketing strategy tactics
  • graduate-hat-iconDigital marketing strategy budget & timeline
  • graduate-hat-iconDigital marketing strategy presentation
  • graduate-hat-iconDigital marketing strategy on a funnel
  • graduate-hat-iconPresent your complete digital and social media marketing strategy
  • graduate-hat-iconDigital marketing services & how to start a business/agency
  • graduate-hat-iconDigital marketing professionals & how to get a job
  • graduate-hat-iconFinal exams
  • graduate-hat-iconGraduation ceremony
  • graduate-hat-iconCourse summary & epilogue
  • graduate-hat-iconUTMs strategy for links
  • graduate-hat-iconUTMs monitoring with Google Analytics
  • graduate-hat-iconAffiliate advertising campaigns (marketing)

Tolis Aivalis participates in:

Fundamentals of URLs & UTMs

Fundamentals of Public Presentations

Masterclass in Facebook Platform & Ad Manager

Masterclass in Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Masterclass in Google Advertising

Masterclass in Digital & Social Media Marketing

Masterclass in Content Production

Masterclass in Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Masterclass in Influencer Marketing Strategy

Masterclass in Email & Mobile Marketing Strategy

Masterclass in Google Analytics 4 & Reporting

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Masterclass in Social Media Marketing Strategy

Masterclass in Digital Marketing Strategy & Budget

Masterclass in All Advertising Managers

Masterclass in Websites & Landing Pages

Masterclass in Social Networks

Masterclass in Online Reputation & Public Relations

Masterclass in Growth Marketing-Hacking Strategy

Masterclass in Content Marketing Strategy

Masterclass in Advertising Strategy & Planning

Masterclass in LinkedIn Platform & Ad Manager

Masterclass in TikTok Platform & Ad Manager

Masterclass in YouTube Platform & Ad Manager

Masterclass in Instagram Platform & Ad Manager

Fundamentals of the Metaverse

Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence

Masterclass in Google Universal Analytics (3)

Fundamentals of Personal Branding

Masterclass in Snapchat Platform & Ad Manager

Masterclass in Reddit Platform & Ad Manager

Fundamentals of Twitch Platform

Fundamentals of Discord Platform

Fundamentals of Lumen5 Video Maker

Facebook classic (old) pages

Fundamentals of Marketing Promotion Tactics

Fundamentals of Chatfuel Chatbot

Fundamentals of

Search Engine Optimization Tools

Fundamentals of Website Platforms

Masterclass in Pinterest Platform & Ad Manager

Masterclass in X (Twitter) Platform & Ad Manager

Masterclass in Digital & Social Media Marketing, Thessaloniki, January 2024

Masterclass in Digital & Social Media Marketing, Athens, January 2024