Tolis Aivalis

Managing Partner, AIVAL.COM

Tolis is an international strategist, certified motivational speaker/trainer, and a pioneer in digital & social media marketing. He has hands-on operating experience on consumer internet, social media, gaming, music, advertising, technology and media publishing.

He started his career in 1995. He first managed the web design & development agency 'PowerΝet'. In 1998 founded the web sites competition 'Web Awards' - now 'Ermis Digital' and founded the consulting firm 'AIVAL.COM'. After 2001, he became the Head of Digital for the Organizing Committee for the 'Olympic Games' Athens 2004, was Head of Digital for the international interactive advertising agency 'Arbo Media', was Director of Marketing & Sales for 'ANT1 Media Group'. In 2007 he founded and managed the digital & social media marketing agency 'Social Brands', he co-founded the internet media sales house 'Ad Web'. In 2009 he founded the pitching event 'Startup Day' and the online directory 'Startup Nation'. In 2010 he founded Knowcrunch and in 2015 he founded the Digital Nation community.

Tolis Aivalis teaches:

  • Advertising campaigns fundamentals
  • Affiliate advertising campaigns (marketing)
  • A digital marketing strategy
  • How to research the market & competition for a digital marketing strategy
  • How to decide a creative concept for a digital marketing strategy
  • How to decide your digital marketing strategy tactics
  • How to set an action plan/timeline for your digital marketing strategy
  • How to calculate the total budget for your digital marketing strategy
  • How to present your digital marketing strategy
  • Students welcome and registration
  • Course overview
  • The digital marketing
  • The customer journey
  • The customer funnel
  • How to work on UTMs strategy for your links
  • How to monitor UTM information of your visitors in Google Analytics
  • How to work with URL shorteners
  • How to find ideas for your content & keywords with tools
  • How to write search engine optimized articles for your blog
  • How to produce & distribute audio podcasts
  • How to use to design different graphics
  • The growth marketing methodology on a full funnel
  • How to make a digital marketing funnel step-by-step
  • Present your digital and social media strategy
  • How to work in digital marketing job positions
  • How to analyze costs & prices for your digital marketing services
  • How to launch and run a digital and social media marketing agency
  • Course summary & epilogue
  • Final exams
  • Graduation ceremony

Tolis Aivalis participates in:

Fundamentals of URLs & UTMs

Fundamentals of Public Presentations

Masterclass in Digital & Social Media Marketing

Masterclass in Search Engine Optimization

Masterclass in Email & Mobile Marketing Strategy

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Masterclass in Social Media Marketing Strategy

Masterclass in Digital Marketing Strategy & Budget

Masterclass in Advertising Platforms

Masterclass in Influencer Marketing Strategy

Masterclass in Websites & Landing Pages

Fundamentals of Clubhouse

Masterclass in Content Production

Masterclass in Digital PR & Reputation

Masterclass in Google Advertising

Masterclass in Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Masterclass in Growth Marketing

Masterclass in Content Marketing Strategy

Masterclass in Digital Marketing Funnel Strategy

Masterclass in Facebook Platform

Masterclass in Social Networks

Masterclass in Digital Advertising Strategy & Planning

Masterclass in Monitoring & Reporting

Masterclass in Digital & Social Media Marketing, Athens, September 2022

September 14 - December 09, 2022

Masterclass in Digital & Social Media Marketing, Thessaloniki, September 2022

September 19 - December 14, 2022