Masterclass in Social Media Marketing Strategy

Video-on-demand e-learning course

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8.3 hours of videos, 2 hours of exercise


6 months access to videos & files


In Greek language (στα Ελληνικά)


Professional Certificate


41 students also took this course

About our social media marketing strategy course


An advanced training program that offers a comprehensive and thorough approach to social media management. This program is designed to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively manage your social media presence. The training comprises of step-by-step lectures, tutorials, and hands-on exercises that cover all strategies, tools, and practices on social media posts, engagement, customer care, crisis management, live listening & marketing, and monitoring. By the end of this program, you will have gained a deep understanding of the intricacies of social media management and be able to apply this knowledge to your business or personal brand.

Industry recognizable credentials

Upon the completion of 80% of the designated video content, a professional certificate shall be awarded to the individual in question. 

Video-on-demand education

This mode of learning is designed to cater to your needs by providing a 100% online platform that allows you to learn from the comfort of your home. With pre-recorded learning, you have the flexibility to start and stop at any time of your choosing, regardless of the hour of the day. This means that you can complete the course at your own pace, without any pressure or constraints. Videos are constantly updated to ensure that you receive the most current and relevant information.


Our program has been recognized by multiple organizations such as Social Media World, Education Leaders Awards, ContentMarketing Awards, Growth Hacking Awards, and Social Media Marketing AwardsSee all the awards we have won until now in our blog.

Curriculum academic level

Our exceptional course boasts a level of EQF 6 training program, which includes all the necessary supplies for anyone who wishes to immerse themselves in the world of digital marketing. These supplies include tools and platforms, specialized strategies and tactics, best and bad practices, costs and pricing models, key performance indicators, metrics reports, glossary, and job descriptions. 

Outcomes of this social media marketing strategy training

After completing this course you will be able to immediately:

  • Understand the features of all demonstrated platforms, networks, and tools.
  • Identify problems, plan and develop problem-solving strategies which you can optimize.
  • Create cohesive, persuasive content or creatives and distribute them to others.
  • Evaluate all different insights, analytics, metrics, and relevant KPIs.
  • Sell services to your customers, set up and manage their accounts.
  • Get a job and apply everything you know.

Benefits of obtaining this social media marketing strategy education

Start your career now

The benefits of obtaining a digital marketing education are numerous. By doing so, you will be able to start a career and access hundreds of job positions, allowing you to immediately begin working. This is undoubtedly the best step towards a certified professional position, and we are here to support you during your training and after your graduation so that you can achieve your goals. Our reputation within the industry will give you an automatic head start, and our graduates are widely regarded as the most employable in the country. By acquiring this highly-demanded skill-set, you will be able to secure a solid future for yourself.

Connect with our instructors during your training

Throughout your education, you have access to our instructors, who are available to answer any questions you may have and provide guidance as needed. 

24-hour access to videos & files during your training

You have access to unique presentations and bonus files, which are updated daily. Take advantage of these resources in order to maximize your learning and ensure your success in the field of digital marketing.

Lifetime free events

We offer monthly Q&A events and quarterly mix & match events that are designed to provide you with an opportunity to network with like-minded individuals. These events are free of charge and are a great way to stay connected with the community.

Lifetime alumni discounts

We offer lifetime alumni discounts on all our educational programs. This means that you will be able to access our programs at a special price, even after you graduate. Our programs are designed to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in your chosen field.

Lifetime business opportunities

We offer lifetime business opportunities that will enable you to connect with professionals or customers in our powerful community. This will give you access to business specs and projects that will aid you in your professional growth.

Lifetime job opportunities

We have established partnerships with more than 300 organizations, agencies, brands, institutions, and recruitment professionals to actively support our students and alumni in securing employment opportunities. This assistance is provided throughout their participation in the program and continues even after graduation.

Syllabus Manager

Tolis Aivalis

Topics for this social media marketing course

Course overview & welcome

0h 32m

Course welcome & overview

times-icons06m 18s

Course overview - Account & access

times-icons08m 54s

Course overview - Videos & files

times-icons10m 48s

Course overview - You & Knowcrunch

times-icons06m 54s

Social media marketing strategy - calendar

0h 36m

The social media marketing strategy

times-icons03m 22s

Social media marketing - Methodology

times-icons02m 36s

Social media marketing - Ideas for posts

times-icons05m 58s

Social media marketing - Ideas from A.I.

times-icons05m 10s

Social media marketing - Calendar

times-icons12m 27s

Social media marketing - UTMs

times-icons01m 29s

Social media marketing - Don'ts

times-icons02m 36s

Social media marketing - Important metrics

times-icons01m 42s

Social media marketing - Summary

times-icons01m 11s

Social media marketing strategy - accounts & followers

1h 12m

Social media accounts

times-icons02m 05s

Social media accounts - Selection criteria

times-icons06m 06s

Social media accounts - For individuals

times-icons02m 35s

Social media accounts - For startups

times-icons02m 19s

Social media accounts - For locations

times-icons01m 56s

Social media accounts - For FMCG products

times-icons02m 03s

Social media accounts - Name, nickname, image, cover

times-icons12m 41s

Social media accounts - Setup locations on Facebook

times-icons09m 28s

Social media accounts - Setup locations on Google maps

times-icons03m 38s

Social media accounts - Promotion

times-icons10m 35s

Social media accounts - Inviting followers

times-icons05m 42s

Social media accounts - Acquiring followers

times-icons12m 03s

Social media accounts - Summary

times-icons01m 38s

Social media marketing strategy - posting

2h 20m

Social media posting

times-icons01m 01s

Social media posting - Posts & stories

times-icons02m 59s

Social media posting - Frequency

times-icons04m 05s

Social media posting - Facebook ideas

times-icons08m 29s

Social media posting - Instagram ideas

times-icons07m 25s

Social media posting - Twitter ideas

times-icons07m 47s

Social media posting - LinkedIn ideas

times-icons07m 10s

Social media posting - Pinterest ideas

times-icons06m 12s

Social media posting - TikTok ideas

times-icons06m 50s

Social media posting - YouTube ideas

times-icons04m 48s

Social media posting - Google My Business

times-icons04m 10s

Social media posting - Ideas & content mix

times-icons02m 02s

Social media posting - Ideas & content adaptation

times-icons03m 58s

Social media posting - Including images & videos

times-icons12m 45s

Social media posting - Copywriting (copy or caption)

times-icons10m 10s

Social media posting - 4U copywriting methodology

times-icons03m 06s

Social media posting - AIDA copywriting methodology

times-icons03m 25s

Social media posting - Language

times-icons01m 56s

Social media posting - Grammar & syntax

times-icons02m 52s

Social media posting - Exaggeration

times-icons02m 33s

Social media posting - Copywriting with links

times-icons04m 06s

Social media posting - Copywriting with call to action

times-icons02m 01s

Social media posting - Copywriting with images & videos

times-icons05m 07s

Social media posting - Copywriting with hashtags

times-icons13m 53s

Social media posting - Scheduling

times-icons09m 54s

Social media posting - Summary

times-icons01m 34s

Social media marketing strategy -

0h 37m

Platform demonstration
times-icons03m 35s - Social media accounts connection

Platform demonstration
times-icons03m 24s - Apps

Platform demonstration
times-icons04m 17s - Posts & scheduling

Platform demonstration
times-icons08m 49s - Stories & scheduling

Platform demonstration
times-icons01m 40s - Planner & calendar

Platform demonstration
times-icons02m 55s - Analytics

Platform demonstration
times-icons04m 11s - Boards & streams with our feeds

Platform demonstration
times-icons04m 06s - Boards & streams for content discovery

Platform demonstration
times-icons02m 53s - Summary

Platform demonstration
times-icons01m 10s

Social media marketing strategy - social listening & live marketing

0h 16m

Social listening & live marketing

times-icons04m 54s

Live marketing - Monitoring opportunities

times-icons02m 24s

Live marketing - Responding with comments on posts

times-icons04m 28s

Live marketing - Responding with content on trends

times-icons03m 44s

Live marketing - Summary

times-icons01m 02s

Social media marketing strategy - customer care & support

0h 32m

Customer care

times-icons01m 33s

Customer care - Preparation

times-icons03m 27s

Customer care - Comments

times-icons09m 22s

Customer care - Messages

times-icons04m 45s

Customer care - Positive ratings & reviews

times-icons02m 40s

Customer care - Negative ratings & reviews

times-icons06m 35s

Customer care - Fake ratings & reviews

times-icons02m 45s

Customer care - Summary

times-icons01m 05s

Social media marketing strategy - engagement & contests

0h 34m

How to engage your community

times-icons04m 59s

Engagement - How we boost engagement

times-icons13m 08s

Engagement - Dont's

times-icons04m 51s

Engagement - How we run contests

times-icons08m 32s

Engagement - Contests legal issues


Engagement - Summary

times-icons02m 24s

Social media marketing strategy - crisis management

0h 24m

Crisis management

times-icons01m 37s

Crisis management - Speed

times-icons01m 51s

Crisis management - Preparation

times-icons02m 06s

Crisis management - Simulators

times-icons01m 55s

Crisis management - Don’ts

times-icons06m 24s

Crisis management - Management

times-icons05m 18s

Crisis management - Summary

times-icons05m 24s

Social media marketing strategy - metrics

0h 34m

Monitoring social media marketing metrics

times-icons01m 55s

Social media metrics - Important results & metrics

times-icons06m 10s

Social media metrics - Organic reach & engagement average rates

times-icons06m 52s

Social media metrics - Website visitors & conversions

times-icons03m 21s

Social media metrics - Social media insights & analytics

times-icons14m 31s

Social media metrics - Summary

times-icons02m 05s

Social media marketing strategy - services

0h 12m

Social media marketing services

times-icons12m 35s

Social media marketing strategy - exercise

0h 5m

The social media marketing strategy - The brief for your exercise

times-icons05m 31s

Course summary & epilogue

0h 18m

Course summary

times-icons01m 05s

Course summary & epilogue - Benefits

times-icons04m 47s

Course summary & epilogue - Certification

times-icons04m 30s

Course summary & epilogue - You & Knowcrunch

times-icons05m 20s

Course summary & epilogue - One last thing

times-icons02m 40s

Professional instructors in social media marketing strategy


Angela Katsenis

Marketing Communications Manager, Orange Click Media.


Elena Spiropoulou

Managing Partner, Cyber Law.

Answers about this social media marketing course

Before the course

Is there a specific enrollment deadline for this e-learning course?

There is no specific deadline for enrolling in our e-learning courses. You have the flexibility to enroll in our course at any day and time throughout the year. The course is delivered entirely through pre recorded videos, on-demand, allowing you to access the content at your own pace. This means you can work through the material at your own pace, giving you the freedom to adapt the learning schedule to fit your needs and commitments.

Why is this course better than other courses available?

This highly acclaimed course has received multiple prestigious awards and is endorsed by major agencies and brands. It provides exceptional value for money and offers the most widely recognized certification in the field.

The curriculum and syllabus of the course are exceptional, featuring 80% exclusive topics that are not found in competing programs. It is constantly updated to reflect the latest industry developments and trends. The course duration is designed to ensure a comprehensive learning experience with more hours of instruction compared to other offerings. It covers all channels, strategies, and tactics in depth, going beyond basic information.

The instructors leading the course are industry market leaders or influencers with extensive hands-on experience. They are certified trainers capable of effectively teaching and mentoring others. They demonstrate personal interest in each student's growth and are readily available to answer questions and provide guidance, whether in the classroom or through online platforms.

We are committed to your professional growth and provide various opportunities to foster networking and collaboration. Frequent networking events are organized, allowing professionals to connect and exchange ideas. We also manage the largest active community of digital professionals, which serves as a valuable platform for ongoing support and professional development. Immediate access to digital and social media job opportunities is offered, with an impressive 95% hiring rate reported. Furthermore, we actively introduce and guide students to job opportunities in leading brands, digital agencies, and corporations.

Our dedication to your success extends beyond the course itself, as we strive to create an ecosystem that supports your growth and empowers you to thrive in the digital and social media industry.

Are there any prerequisites necessary for this digital marketing training?

No specific prerequisites are necessary for this course. However, our training is targeting individuals or organizations with basic understanding or previous experience, or graduates from academic majors of the following functions:

• Marketing

• Communication

• Advertising

• Business development

• Sales

• Public relations

• Internet

• Information technology

I have little to no knowledge in digital marketing, can I attend your courses?

The course curriculum is designed to be accessible and comprehensible for beginners or individuals without prior knowledge in the subject. We begin by introducing the fundamental principles of digital marketing and gradually progress to more advanced topics. Our program welcomes participants from diverse academic backgrounds and professional fields. We have successfully trained individuals with various specialties, including archaeologists, accountants, athletes, and many others. Regardless of their previous training or experience in the field, all participants, without exception, have experienced positive career transformations and advancements as a result of completing our course.

What is the difference between Knowcrunch's courses in a classroom and the e-learning courses?

The main difference between in-class courses and e-learning courses lies in the mode of delivery and the learning environment:

Mode of Delivery:

In-class courses are conducted in a physical classroom setting where students attend sessions in person, interact with the instructor and fellow classmates face-to-face, and participate in group activities. On the other hand, e-learning courses are delivered through our website platform, allowing students to access course materials, lectures, and assignments remotely via the internet.

Learning Environment:

In-class courses provide a structured learning environment where students engage in real-time discussions, receive immediate feedback from the instructor, and collaborate with peers through in-person interactions. E-learning courses offer a more flexible learning environment, allowing students to access course materials at their own convenience and progress through the content at their own pace. Interaction with instructors and peers typically occurs through our private Facebook group or virtual meetings via ZOOM.


In-class courses often adhere to a fixed schedule, requiring students to attend classes at specific times and locations. E-learning courses offer greater flexibility as students can access the material anytime, anywhere, allowing them to balance their studies with other commitments.


In-class courses may offer more personalized attention from instructors due to the smaller class sizes and direct interactions. E-learning courses, although lacking face-to-face interactions, often provide individualized learning experiences through interactive multimedia content, self-assessment quizzes, and adaptive learning technologies.

Ultimately, the choice between in-class and e-learning courses depends on personal preferences, learning style, and availability. In-class courses provide a traditional classroom experience with immediate feedback and face-to-face interactions, while e-learning courses offer flexibility, convenience, and self-paced learning opportunities through online platforms.

In which language are your courses and teaching material held?

Our course materials, including videos and files, are available exclusively in the Greek language.

Prices & payments

Can I cancel? If yes, until when? Do I get a refund?

For our video e-learning courses we DO NOT offer refunds. Cancellations received after your registration in any course are NOT eligible for ANY refund and you must complete all of your outstanding payments (if you choose to pay in monthly installments).

How do I pay? Do prices include taxes?

You register and pay online via our website. We offer convenient online payment options, allowing you to pay in a step-by-step manner using either your personal or business credit or debit card. Alternatively, you can also make the payment using your personal or business bank account through SEPA direct debit that retrieves money from your bank automatically.

The prices for all ticket options include all fees and applicable taxes, ensuring transparency in the pricing. Additionally, each time you make a payment, you will receive an immediate receipt/invoice for your records.

Please note that your registration is considered binding, and a payment is required prior to commencing your training.

Do you offer monthly installment plans and how many? Are they interest-free?

We offer interest-free monthly installment options for both our in-class and e-learning courses. These installments are only available for payments made using credit or debit cards.

Courses in a classroom

You can opt to split the total cost into up to two (2) monthly payments. Please always check the tickets information for our updated policy on monhtly installments for each course. 

E-learning video on demand courses

You can opt to split the total cost into up to two (2) or three (3) monthly payments depending on the course. Please always check the tickets information for our updated policy on monhtly installments for each course. Some courses have no monthly installements at all. 

Please be aware that missing an installment will result in the suspension of your account, and you will be unable to access the course until the due payment is settled.

Do you accept/support programs like LAEK?

Our programs do not collaborate with the Greek LAEK program or any similar programs. This decision is primarily based on the fact that our headquarters are located in the US and our priority is to maintain the highest quality of educational materials and instruction. When partnering with the Greek LAEK program, there are specific guidelines and requirements that need to be followed. Unfortunately, adhering to these guidelines may compromise the integrity and quality of our curriculum. Therefore, we have chosen not to participate in such collaborations to ensure that we can deliver the best possible educational experience to our students.

Can my company pay for the course? Can you issue an invoice?

Certainly! Your company can make the payment for the course and receive an invoice. During the registration process, after entering the participant's information, you can provide the corporate details in the billing information step. In the subsequent step, you will have the option to select a business payment method to complete the transaction (company's debit or credit card or company's business bank account via the SEPA direct debit payment option).

The system declined my card, what can I do?

Our system informs you for the reasons we decline your card (e.g. incorrect card number, incorrect CVV number, incorrect cardholder name, expired card, insufficient funds). If there is no specific information about the decline from our system, then the first thing you should do is contact your bank and investigate the reason of the decline.

During the training

Do I need a laptop to attend? Do I need specific software or apps installed?

To attend the course, having a laptop is highly recommended. It provides the optimal platform for accessing and engaging with the course materials. While it may be possible to participate using other devices such as tablets or smartphones, a laptop offers a more comprehensive and seamless learning experience.

It is possible that certain software or apps or tools may be necessary for completing assignments or accessing additional resources. Rest assured that we will provide clear guidance on any software or app installations that may be needed, ensuring that you are fully prepared for the course.

Can I watch the videos anytime or any day I wish?

Yes, you can watch our videos anytime and any day you please. They are prerecorded and available on-demand. You can also watch our videos more than once if you wish.

What if I have questions? Can I interact with instructors?

YES. We have created a dedicated private Facebook group exclusively for the e-learning community, where you can connect with fellow participants and interact wity your instructors. You can engage in discussions, ask questions, and receive updates on the course material.

Additionally, we provide continuous support through Knowcrunch, available 24/7, to address any questions or queries you may have. You can reach out to us via email or through our corporate social media channels for prompt assistance. We are committed to ensuring a seamless learning experience and providing the necessary support throughout your educational journey.

Do I gain access to the teaching material and/or bonus material?

Certainly! Throughout the duration of the course, you will have online access to all the educational materials, including presentations in PDF format and bonus materials. It's important to note that these educational materials are protected by strict copyright laws and are intended for your personal use only. They should not be shared or distributed to others.

How frequently are the structure, lessons, and content updated?

Syllabus for our courses

We upgrade our syllabus structure, topics and lessons monthly. When there are new things that need to be part of our syllabus, we include them as soon as possible.

Video e-learning courses

We update the videos of our video-on-demand e-learning courses monthly. Whenever a critical change occurs, we promptly move forward with production and update our videos.

Training presentations & bonus material for all courses

We consistently update our training presentations and bonus materials on a daily basis. We make it a point to not retain outdated content for our training purposes. Any changes or upcoming modifications are promptly integrated into our curriculum.

Do your courses include exercises and/or hands-on workshops?

Yes. Our course is designed in a way that incorporates practical training at the conclusion of each module. These practical exercises involve strategic thinking and implementation. Overall, there are six (6) substantial assignments throughout our courses that provide hands-on learning opportunities.

Classroom courses

In our courses in Athens & Thessaloniki, the exercises are conducted as group/teams work.

Video on demand e-learning courses

In our video on demand e-learning courses, participants engage in the exercises individually.



Do your e-learning courses have exams?

Only our video-on-demand E-learning Masterclass in Digital & Social Media Marketing includes exams. Students who pass the exams successfully and complete the program will receive an official and widely recognized professional diploma. On the other hand, students who do not pass the exams will still receive a certificate of completion. In the event of exam failure, we offer the opportunity to retake the exams at a later stage. On the other hand, students who do not pass the exams our E-learning (video-on-demand) Masterclass in Digital & Social Media Marketing will still receive a certificate of completion. In the event of exam failure in our E-learning (video-on-demand) Masterclass in Digital & Social Media Marketing, we offer the opportunity to retake the exams 45 days later.

It is important to note that all other independent e-learning programs, whether they are free or paid, do not involve exams. Upon completing at least 80% of the video content in those programs, participants will receive a certificate of completion.

Can I download or share my diploma/certification?

Yes, you can download your diploma or certification through your account. You can always share your certification on social media and specially in your LinkedIn account. 

What information is included on my diploma/certification?

Here is a sample of our professional diploma in digital and social media marketing which is exclusively awarded to graduates who have successfully completed the required exams. This diploma serves as a tangible recognition of their achievement and expertise in the field.