Masterclass in Social Media Marketing Strategy

Video-on-demand e-learning course

Advanced social media marketing course.

An advanced professional course on Social Media Marketing and all different advertising campaigns & objectives. This course offers thorough step-by-step tutorials on how Social Media Marketing works.

Course learning outcomes

After completing this course:

  • You will be able to fully understand all social media channels.
  • You will have the ability to setup, manage & optimize different social media marketing strategies.
  • You will be able to identify problems, evaluate strategies, and develop solutions for your channels.
  • You will demonstrate the ability to evaluate social media marketing results of any kind.
  • You will be able to to create cohesive, persuasive creatives for different channels & placements.
  • You will be ready to integrate and apply social media strategies and propose a complete social media marketing plan.

6 months access to videos & files

Get all the time you need to watch and review our training many times. Complete faster than others and boost your speed to market.

Training delivery: online via pre-recorded video on demand

Study and learn from the comfort of your home with prerecorded learning. Start and stop anytime you want, any hour of the day. You have 6 months to complete your course, all the time you need in order to watch and review our training many times. Complete faster than others and boost your speed to market.

Course academic level

This course is an EQF 5 level training program and has an exceptional syllabus. Inspired by the top universities and driven by the latest updates in the digital & social media marketing industry.

Online interaction with instructors

Interact with our instructors in any time for your exercises or questions in a Facebook group or participate in monthly Q&A sessions taking place in a virtual class (webinar).

Start working immediately in Social Media Marketing

This professional training and certification is your best step towards thriving in a career as a certified social media specialist/professional.

Thrive with industry-recognized credentials

Organizations are assured of the quality and excellent reputation of this training. It has a long track record as a catalyst for change and is trusted by thousands of top agencies, brands and corporations. Meet employers’ expectations by gaining real practical experience.

Our awards

'Best Digital Marketing Education' in Greece, Social Media World Awards.
'Best Digital Marketing E-learning Course' in Greece, Education Leaders Awards.

  • 6 months access to videos & files

  • Watch anytime from desktop or mobile

  • In Greek language (στα Ελληνικά)

  • Professional Certificate

  • 8 hours of videos, 2 hours of exercise

  • No exams

  • students also took this course

Syllabus Manager

Tolis Aivalis

The benefits of enrolling in Social Media Marketing Strategy course


Access to unique presentations & bonus files


Access for 6 months


Talk and interact with instructors on a Facebook group or during live Q&As


Priority for job openings



Our alumni gets free tickets for monthly mix & match or meetup events


Our alumni gets free tickets for annual recap events or congresses


First option for business deals (requests for proposals)

Step-by-step topics about social media marketing strategy

Course Introduction

Course welcome & overview


Course introduction - your account


Course introduction - interacting with us


Social Media Marketing Strategy - Building Communities

The basic preparation of social media marketing


Social media marketing - Marketing promotion strategy


Social media marketing - The team


Social media marketing - Social media & networks accounts selection


Social media marketing - Social media & networks accounts setup for brands


Social media marketing - Social media & networks accounts setup for locations


The social media marketing calendar


Social media calendar - Content strategy


Social media calendar - Social networks terms


Social media calendar - U.T.M.s for links


Social media calendar - Posts frequency


Social media calendar - Post times


How to gain followers on social media & networks


How to gain followers - With promotion


How to gain followers - With invites


How to gain followers - With posts


How to gain followers - With follows


How to gain followers - With engagement


How to gain followers - Social networks terms


Social Media Marketing Strategy - Posting

How to create posts for all social media & networks


How to create posts - Content


How to create posts - Copywriting basics


How to create posts - A.I.D.A. copywriting theory


How to create posts - Copywriting dos & donts


How to create posts - Copywriting for links


How to create posts - Copywriting for visuals


How to create posts - Stories


How to create posts - Facebook specifications


How to create posts - Instagram specifications


How to create posts - Twitter specifications


How to create posts - LinkedIn specifications


How to create posts - Pinterest specifications


How to create posts - Google Mybusiness specifications


How to create posts - SnapChat/TikTok specifications


How to use to post on social media & networks

Lecture - Dashboard

Tutorial - Connecting social accounts

Tutorial - Facebook Streams

Tutorial - Instagram Streams

Tutorial - Twitter streams

Tutorial - LinkedIn streams

Tutorial - YouTube Streams

Tutorial - Organizing boards & streams

Tutorial - Posting to all social media

Tutorial - Inbox

Tutorial - Content calendar

Tutorial - Analytics

Tutorial - Apps & extensions


Social Media Marketing Strategy - Responding

How to use for social listening

Tutorial - Listening Twitter keywords

Tutorial - Listening Instagram hashtags

Tutorial - Listening YouTube keywords


How to respond to social posts with live marketing


Live marketing - Why we do it


Live marketing - Replying to posts


Live marketing - Responding with new content


How to respond to social messages, reviews & questions


Customer care - On comments


Customer care - With messages


Customer care - On ratings & reviews


Customer care - With chat bots


Social Media Marketing Strategy - Engaging

How to engage your social media & networks community


Engagement - How it works


Engagement - Dont's


Engagement - How to track interactions


Engagement - How we respond to interactions


Engagement - How we challenge fans


Engagement - How we run contests


Engagement - Respect the contests terms & conditions


Engagement - How we encourage user generated content


Engagement - How we participate in Groups


How to manage complaints & crisis on social media & networks


Complaints & crisis - How we prepare


Complaints & crisis - Don’t's


Complaints & crisis - How we manage serious complaints


Complaints & crisis - How we manage crisis


Social Media Marketing Strategy - Evaluation

How to monitor social media marketing metrics


Social media metrics - Followers


Social media metrics - Organic reach


Social media metrics - Organic engagement


Social media metrics - Most important results & metrics


Social media metrics - Organic reach & engagement average rates


Social media metrics - The social media insights & analytics dashboards


Social media metrics - Other social media insights & analytics tools


Social media metrics - Social media marketing results on our website


Social media metrics - Summary


Social media marketing services checklist


The social media marketing strategy section summary


Social Media Marketing Strategy Exercise

The Social Media Marketing Strategy - The brief for your exercise


Course Epilogue

Course epilogue - one last thing before you go


Professional specialized instructors on Social Media Marketing Strategy


Tolis Aivalis

Managing Partner, AIVAL.COM.

Frequent questions & answers about Social Media Marketing Strategy course

Before enrolling

Are there any prerequisites necessary for your training?

No specific prerequisites are necessary for this course. However, our training is slightly aimed at individuals, organizations and companies with basic understanding or previous experience, or graduates from academic majors of the following functions:

• Marketing

• Communication

• Advertising

• Business development

• Sales

• Public relations

• Internet

• Information technology

Why is this course better than other courses available?

This is a multi award winning course chosen by major agencies and brands. It offers great value for money and the most recognizable certification.

The curriculum & syllabus:

• is exceptional and includes 80% exclusive topics which cannot be found in competition

• is updated daily

• has the proper length to guarantee more hours than competition

• is thorough and covers all channels, strategies & tactics in depth - not just basic information

The instructors:

• are market leaders or influencers with hands-on operating experience

• are certified trainers and can teach & mentor others

• show personal interest for each student and are always available to answer questions in-class or online

We care about your growth and we:

• organize frequent networking events to mix & match professionals

• manage the biggest active Community of Digital Professionals which helps you thrive

• offer immediate access to digital & social media jobs, agencies or brands with 80% hiring rate

• introduce and guide students to jobs in brands, digital agencies and corporations

I have little to no knowledge in digital marketing, can I attend your courses?

The curriculum of the course is structured in a way so that any beginner or non-subject student can attend & understand, as we start with the basic principles of digital marketing and then delve into more detailed topics. We have graduates from many specialties, without any previous training or experience in the field, such as archaeologists, accountants, athletes. And all of them, without exception, have changed or even improved their careers.

Is there a deadline to my enrollment?

No. You can enroll any day and any time of the year, as this course is entirelly given through videos-on-demand. You work at your own pace.

What is the difference between this in-class course and your e-learning masterclass?

The similarities:

• Our e-learning & in-class courses have the same C-level professional instructors

• Our e-learning & in-class courses share the same exams

• Our e-learning & in-class courses offer the same recognizable certification

Τhe differences:

• Our e-learning courses offer more hours than a similar in-class course, as they get more thorough

• Our e-learning courses include more training regarding strategies & channels than a similar in-class course, as they include more case studies & examples

• Our in-class courses have team workshops while our e-learning courses have personal exercises

In which language are your courses and the teaching material?

Our course material (videos & files) is in the Greek language.

Prices & payments

Can I cancel? If yes, until when? Do I get a refund?

Please pay attention to our cancellation & refunds policy.

Cancellations received after the registration in the course are NOT eligible for ANY refund and you must complete all of your outstanding payments in case you are paying in installments.

How do I pay? Do prices include taxes?

Your registration is binding and a payment is required before you book your seat. You can pay by credit or debit card only. Prices for all different tickets are inclusive of all fees & applicable taxes.

Do you have installments? How many? Are they interest-free?

Installments are available for our ourses and can be offered when you pay by credit or debit card only. You can have up to 3 interest free, monthly installments. Please mind that if you fail one of the installments your account freezes and you will not be able to attend our course until repayment.

Do you accept/support programs like LAEK?

Our programs do not cooperate with the Greek LAEK (or any similar program) because our headquarters are in the US and we want to ensure the quality of the material and our teachers. When cooperating with the Greek LAEK you are obligated to follow specific guidelines that downgrade our curriculum.

Can my company pay for the course? Can you issue an invoice?

Any company can pay for any course, the participant’s information can differ from the billing information in the registration process. If you enter the corporate information in the billing info section, the payment proof you receive is a legal file for your company’s tax purposes.

The system declined my card, what can I do?

Our system informs you for the reasons we decline your card (e.x. incorrect card number, incorrect CVV number, incorrect cardholder name, expired card, insufficient funds). If there is no specific information about the decline from our system, then the first thing you should do is contact your bank and investigate the reason of the decline.

I do not own a credit or debit card, is there any other way I can pay?

All of the payments must be submitted through our online system to be approved & validated. We do not accept bank transfers or payments with cash.

During your learning

Do I need a laptop to attend? Do I need any programs or apps installed?

A personal computer or laptop is mandatory to access our videos & files. We do not have any extra programs or applications needed for our course. During your learning, you might come across many useful tools for your digital & social media progress, but none of these are obligatory to be downloaded or installed.

Can I watch the videos anytime or any day I wish?

Yes, you can watch our videos anytime & any day you please. They are prerecorded and available on-demand. You can also watch our videos more than once if you wish.

What if I have questions? Can I get in touch with instructors?

There is a closed group on Facebook exclusively for the E-learning community for questions, queries and updates of the material. You will be provided the link as soon as you enroll. 

Furthermore, for questions and queries the support of Knowcrunch is next to you 24/7 via e-mail, or through our social media.

Do I gain access to the teaching material and/or bonus material?

Yes, you have online access to all course's educational material (presentations in PDF format and bonus material) during the course. The educational material is strictly copyrighted and available for your own use only.

How often is the content updated or the sections/lessons upgraded?

We update our training videos quarterly. When something critical changes we move into production and deliver new videos.

We upgrade and enrich our sections & lessons monthly. When there are new things that need to be part of our syllabus, we include them as soon as possible.

We update our training presentations & bonus material daily. We never keep old stuff for our training. When something changes or is about to change, it becomes part of our curriculum.

Do your courses include exercises and/or hands-on workshops?

Our course is structured so that there is practical training (exercise) at the end of each module that includes strategic thinking & implementation. This is how you work (as a group in in-class courses and personally in e-learning) in 6 large practical assignments.


Do I get a certification?

Depending on your course selection:

Our E-learning Masterclass in Digital & Social Media Marketing has exams, so students who successfully pass the exams and graduate receive an official and recognizable professional diploma, students who do not pass the exams receive a certificate of completion.

If you chose one of our smaller E-learning programs, upon completing 80% or above of the videos, you receive a certificate of completion.

Do your courses have exams? What if I fail?

Yes, your exams will be activated when you complete at least 85% of your training and you are eligible of giving them in your 6-month period. In order to be successful and eligible for your certification you need to have a grade of at least 70% in your exam score. If you fail to pass your exams we allow you to try again but you would need to enroll & watch our course from the beginning in order to update your knowledge.

Can I download my certification?

Yes, you can download your diploma or certification through your account.

What does my certification writes on it?

Here is a sample of our diplomas/certifications: [IMAGE]

Is the certification recognized in the marketplace?

We hold one of the best reports in the market both in Greece and in Europe. The biggest agencies & brands consider our education excellent, as we create professionals that could immediately hire. The professional diplomas we provide are recognized as the most valid on the market, as they are given only after examinations. Conclusively, we are awarded as the best digital marketing course in Greece every year since 2016 for our material, education & quality.

After the course

Can I have access to the teaching material after I complete a course?

Yes, you can gain acces through our annual subscription program for our alumni. You are given access to all our videos & written material (PDFs) for a year, with just 199 euros.

You can have more information on the Knowcrunch Elite page.

What skills do I gain after completing your courses?

This course is not just about understanding and it is not, by any means, strictly theoretical. It is about being able to implement and thrive in your market.After successfully completing this course you will be able to understand the web & social media consumer behaviours & decisions, and compare & leverage all digital & social media channels & tools in your work. Specifically:

• Draft complete digital & social media strategies & action plans with a detailed budget (content marketing strategy, SEO strategy, social media management strategy, performance & inbound strategy, advertising strategy)

• Include digital & social media campaigns & tools into your communication & media mix Implement anything

• Find, evaluate and manage digital & social media service providers & partners

• Execute your strategies through a project structure, with milestones, deliverables and KPIs

• Increase conversions, generate more sales while reducing your expenses & budget spending

• Hire digital & social media executives and understand their terminology and skills Measure & evaluate results

• Monitor & optimize the impact of your digital performance and effectiveness

• Report all your digital & social media results, activities and KPIs Offer & sell services to others

• Start selling digital & social media services to your clients as a freelance professional

• Include digital & social media services in your business & revenue model for your company

Is there an official alumni community I can be part of?

Our Knowcrunch Official Alumni. All our graduates become members of our official alumni group. The privileges & benefits for our alumni are:

• Special pricing for all our courses

• Exclusive subscription price for unlimited use of our e-learning courses

• Personal recommendations from our instructors (upon request)

• Free participation to one-day special crash courses (upon request)

• Free participation to networking events

Which are the positions I would be able to work for?

After successfully completing this course you will be able to upgrade your work skills or apply for new job positions such as:

• Strategy & Sales positions

• Digital & Social Media PR/Marketing/Sales Manager or Consultant

• Digital & Social Media Head or Director Operational positions

• E-Commerce & E-shop Manager or Consultant

• Content Marketing Manager or Freelancer

• Social Media Marketing Manager or Freelancer

• Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Manager or Consultant

• Google Advertising (SEM) Manager or Consultant

• Facebook & Instagram/Twitter/LinkedIn Advertising Manager or Consultant

• Premium Display Advertising Manager or Consultant (or Planner or Buyer)

• Affiliate Advertising Manager or Consultant (or Planner or Buyer)

• Messaging & Automation (mobile & email) Manager or Consultant

• Growth Hacker or Growth Marketer

• Performance Marketing Manager or Consultant

• Monitoring & Analytics Manager or Consultant

• Social Media Insights & Analytics Manager or Consultant Academic positions

• Digital & Social Media Trainer or Instructor

Is there an official online digital marketing community I can participate in?

The Digital & Social Media Nation. The biggest Greek speaking community of marketers & digital marketers. 95% of members are active every day. Brands, agencies, professionals & students participate to offer useful and precious information regarding the digital world & phenomena. Feel free to join this group now and start networking, discussing, asking or answering everything about marketing. You can also post, explore job positions, or just follow the news.

Can I find a job through Knowcrunch?

Our course is structured so that you can immediately apply what you learn. Our graduates are fully trained and can directly cope with a junior or senior job. We have an 82% absorption rate of our graduates from the market. At the same time, we are constantly posting job positions to our graduates through our online alumni group on Facebook in which everyone participates. We are constantly by the side of our students & we deal with the development of each one personally, especially after graduation, to help them thrive.

Can I apply for other optional certifications after I successfully complete one of Knowcrunch’s courses?

This course gives you a solid background of all required digital & social media fundamentals. It allows you to optionally pursue many important international certifications & offers more than enough to achieve all these exams. Some examples:

• The Facebook/Meta online certification - qualify as a 'Facebook Certified Professional' (fee: $150)

• The Interactive Advertising Bureau professional exam & certification - qualify as a 'IAB Digital Media & Ads Certified' (fee: $600)

• The Google ads fundamentals exam & certification - qualify as a Google Qualified Professional (free)

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