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Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

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About this digital marketing fundamentals course


free training which offers thorough step-by-step lectures on all strategies for marketing and digital marketing, customer journey, online phenomena and customer funnel.

Industry-recognized credentials

After completing 80% of your videos to watch, you are given a professional certificate.

Video-on-demand education

Study 100% online and learn from the comfort of your home with pre-recorded learning. Start and stop anytime you want, any hour of the day and complete the course at your own pace. Videos are constantly updated.

Award winning

Awarded as the Best Digital & Social Media Marketing Education in Greece, by Social Media World and Best Digital Marketing E-learning Course in Greece, by Education Leaders Awards.

Curriculum academic level

This exceptional course has a level of EQF 6 training program. Includes all the platforms, tools, strategies, tactics, best & bad practices, costs, pricing, key performance indicators, metrics, glossary, and job positions.

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    724 students also took this course

Syllabus Manager

Tolis Aivalis

Detailed topics for digital marketing fundamentals

Course Introduction

Course welcome & overview

times-icons02m 46s

Course introduction - your account

times-icons07m 28s

Course introduction - interacting with us

times-icons04m 53s

Digital marketing fundamentals

The digital marketing

times-icons01m 08s

The digital marketing - The marketing mix (4Ps)

times-icons14m 01s

The digital marketing - Websites

times-icons06m 32s

The digital marketing - Landing pages


The digital marketing - Search engine optimization

times-icons04m 26s

The digital marketing - Conversions

times-icons13m 54s

The digital marketing - Marketing objectives

times-icons05m 12s

The digital marketing - Content marketing

times-icons06m 31s

The digital marketing - Social media marketing

times-icons08m 03s

The digital marketing - Advertising campaigns

times-icons07m 52s

The digital marketing - Influencer marketing

times-icons06m 35s

The digital marketing - Email & mobile marketing

times-icons03m 29s

The digital marketing - Monitoring & reporting

times-icons07m 32s

The digital marketing - Summary

times-icons04m 38s

Digital marketing phenomena

The online phenomena

times-icons13m 48s

The online phenomena - Crowdsourcing

times-icons08m 25s

The online phenomena - How crowdsourcing works

times-icons18m 48s

The online phenomena - Viral

times-icons13m 52s

The online phenomena - Longtail

times-icons05m 21s

The online phenomena - How longtail changes entrepreneurship

times-icons07m 08s

The online phenomena - How longtail changes content production

times-icons08m 29s

The online phenomena - How longtail changes searching

times-icons04m 09s

The online phenomena - How longtail changes advertising

times-icons10m 29s

The online phenomena - Artificial Intelligence

times-icons03m 27s

The online phenomena - How artificial Intelligence changes everything

times-icons06m 57s

Customer journey & funnel

The online consumer & target audience

times-icons01m 54s

Online consumer - Buyer personas

times-icons07m 14s

Online consumer - Buyer personas examples

times-icons14m 14s

Online consumer - Customer journey

times-icons12m 02s

Online consumer - Customizing our strategy for customer journey

times-icons15m 20s

The marketing & sales funnel

times-icons10m 36s

The marketing & sales funnel - Digital marketing for your funnel

times-icons03m 56s

The marketing & sales funnel - How it works in real life

times-icons10m 45s

The digital marketing mindset section summary


Course Epilogue

Course epilogue - one last thing before you go

times-icons08m 47s

Digital marketing fundamentals instructor


Tolis Aivalis

Managing Partner, AIVAL.COM.

Answers for the digital marketing fundamentals course

Before enrolling

Why is this course better than other courses available?

This is a multi award winning course chosen by major agencies and brands. It offers great value for money and the most recognizable certification.


The curriculum & syllabus:

• is exceptional and includes 80% exclusive topics which cannot be found in competition

• is updated daily

• has the proper length to guarantee more hours than competition

• is thorough and covers all channels, strategies & tactics in depth - not just basic information


The instructors:

• are market leaders or influencers with hands-on operating experience

• are certified trainers and can teach & mentor others

• show personal interest for each student and are always available to answer questions in-class or online


We care about your growth and we:

• organize frequent networking events to mix & match professionals

• manage the biggest active Community of Digital Professionals which helps you thrive

• offer immediate access to digital & social media jobs, agencies or brands with 80% hiring rate

• introduce and guide students to jobs in brands, digital agencies and corporations

Is there a deadline to my enrollment?

No. You can enroll any day and any time of the year, as this course is entirelly given through videos-on-demand. You work at your own pace.

Are there any prerequisites necessary for your training?

No specific prerequisites are necessary for this course. However, our training is slightly aimed at individuals, organizations and companies with basic understanding or previous experience, or graduates from academic majors of the following functions:

• Marketing

• Communication

• Advertising

• Business development

• Sales

• Public relations

• Internet

• Information technology

I have little to no knowledge in digital marketing, can I attend your courses?

The curriculum of the course is structured in a way so that any beginner or non-subject student can attend & understand, as we start with the basic principles of digital marketing and then delve into more detailed topics.

We have graduates from many specialties, without any previous training or experience in the field, such as archaeologists, accountants, athletes. And all of them, without exception, have changed or even improved their careers.

What is the difference between in-class courses and e-learning courses?

The similarities:

• Our e-learning & in-class courses have the same C-level professional instructors

• Our e-learning & in-class courses share the same exams

• Our e-learning & in-class courses offer the same recognizable certification


The differences:

• Our e-learning courses offer more hours than a similar in-class course, as they get more thorough

• Our e-learning courses include more training regarding strategies & channels than a similar in-class course, as they include more case studies & examples

• Our in-class courses have team workshops while our e-learning courses have personal exercises

In which language are your courses and teaching material held?

Our course material (videos & files) is in the Greek language.

During your learning

Do I need a laptop to attend? Do I need any programs or apps installed?

A personal computer or laptop is mandatory to access our videos & files. We do not have any extra programs or applications needed for our course. During your learning, you might come across many useful tools for your digital & social media progress, but none of these are obligatory to be downloaded or installed.

Can I watch the videos anytime or any day I wish?

Yes, you can watch our videos anytime & any day you please. They are prerecorded and available on-demand. You can also watch our videos more than once if you wish.

What if I have questions? Can I get in touch with instructors?

There is a private group on Facebook exclusively for the E-learning community for questions, queries and updates of the material. Furthermore, for questions and queries the support of Knowcrunch is next to you 24/7 via e-mail, or through our corporate social media.

Do I gain access to the teaching material and/or bonus material?

Yes, you have online access to all course's educational material (presentations in PDF format and bonus material) during the course. The educational material is strictly copyrighted and available for your own use only.

How often is the content updated or the sections/lessons upgraded?

We update our training videos quarterly. When something critical changes we move into production and deliver new videos.

We upgrade and enrich our sections & lessons monthly. When there are new things that need to be part of our syllabus, we include them as soon as possible.

We update our training presentations & bonus material daily. We never keep old stuff for our training. When something changes or is about to change, it becomes part of our curriculum.

Do your courses include exercises and/or hands-on workshops?

Our course is structured so that there is practical training (exercise) at the end of each module that includes strategic thinking & implementation. This is how you work (as a group in in-class courses and personally in e-learning) in 6 large practical assignments.


Do your e-learning courses have exams? Do I get a certification?

Depending on your course selection:


Our E-learning Masterclass in Digital & Social Media Marketing has exams, so students who successfully pass the exams and graduate receive an official and recognizable professional diploma, students who do not pass the exams receive a certificate of completion. If you fail to pass your exams we allow you to try again but you would need to enroll & watch our course from the beginning in order to update your knowledge.

If you chose one of our smaller or free E-learning programs, upon completing at least 80% of the videos, you receive a certificate of completion.

Can I download my diploma/certification?

Yes, you can download your diploma or certification through your account.

What does my diploma/certification writes on it?

Here is a sample of our diplomas/certifications: