Professional Certificate in Video Production, Athens

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The best digital & social media diploma with a long track record trusted by top executives, agencies, brands and corporations is completed.

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Video Pre-Production

Video production certificate attendants registrations

Networking event
Wednesday 25 October 2017 17:00 (1h)

Certificate in video production welcome & overview

Wednesday 25 October 2017 18:00 (1h)

Thinking & conceptualizing videos

Wednesday 25 October 2017 19:00 (1h)

Production planning

Wednesday 25 October 2017 20:00 (1h)

Budgeting for production

Wednesday 25 October 2017 21:00 (1h) No Location info available

Script writing

Thursday 26 October 2017 18:00 (1h)

Storyboard creation

Thursday 26 October 2017 19:00 (719h)

Casting & actors

Thursday 26 October 2017 20:00 (1h)

Location & set design

Thursday 26 October 2017 21:00 (1h)


Tolis Aivalis

Managing Partner,


Georgia Sarantopoulos

Managing Director,

The American College of Greece campus

6 Gravias Street, 15342, Agia Paraskevi, Athens, Greece

Directions to ACG campus: By metro/bus: 25 mins by bus from 'Nomismatokopio' Metro station. By car: exit Y3 toward Cholargos/Agia Paraskevi in Attiki Odos. Get detailed directions here.


Do I get a certification?

Successful graduates

Students who successfully pass the exams and graduate receive an official and recognizable professional diploma.

Non successful graduates

Students who do not pass the exams receive a certificate of attendance.


This certification, is trusted by major agencies and the international industry. When you are certified by us, your customers, co-workers and partners are assured that you are committed to staying at the top of your market as a professional.

Certification validation

Certifications are valid only after a graduation ceremony or/and when downloaded from our website. Valid certifications consist of:

  • Degree description
  • Graduate name & last-name
  • Credential ID (for confirmation purposes)
  • Issue date & expiration date

All certifications can be validated on our website or upon request.

Printed certifications

Printed certifications can be ordered and delivered only upon request for $100. A special hard copy with hand written signature will be delivered by courier to your physical address.

During your learning

What is the minimum attendance required?

Good attendance is important and there is a strong link between academic performance and consistent attendance so we have a compulsory attendance rule:

You need to attend at least 90% of the course's class. In case your absences exceed 10% of class total hours you will not be allowed to participate in our exams and receive your certificate or diploma.

Can I repeat a topic or lesson I missed?

YES. You will be able to visit our next available course and attend the class you missed. Just send us an email and let us know! Re-admissions and seating is on a first-come-first-serve basis and subject to capacity.

How often is the content updated or sections/lessons upgraded?

We upgrade and enrich our sections & lessons monthly. When there are new things that need to be part of our syllabus we just include it.

We update our training presentations & bonus material daily! We never keep old stuff for our training. When something changes or is about to change, it becomes part of our curriculum.

We update our training videos quarterly! When something critical changes we move into production and deliver new videos.

Outcome after this course

Which are the job positions I would be able to work for after this video course?

Anyone who wishes to pursue a career in the following areas may particularly benefit from this workshop. The list is indicative since the course can benefit anyone who wants to add an extra contemporary skill to his work or resume.

  • Video blogger
  • Video producer
  • Content manager
  • Social media manager
  • Community & Copywriter manager
  • Sales & Marketing manager
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Office Administrator
  • Business Development Manager
  • Digital Advertising specialist
  • Account Manager
  • Brand-Community Manager
  • Public relations manager
  • Journalist

How am I going to benefit after completing this Video Production course?

By successfully completing this course you will be able to understand:

  1. What is the equipment needed to produce all kind of videos
  2. How to plan production & preparation of your videos
  3. How to shoot any video
  4. How to edit your videos using the Adobe Premiere CC
  5. How to integrate sounds in your videos
  6. How to create animated titles and effects for your video
  7. How to correct colors & lighting 
  8. How to export your videos for various platforms & channels
  9. How to upload your videos to various social media & internet platforms
  10. How to sell digital video production services to others

Is there an official alumni I can be part of?

Our KnowCrunch Official Alumni.

All of our graduates become members of our official alumni group. The privileges & benefits for our alumni are:

  • Special price for all returning graduates for our courses
  • Exclusive subscription price for unlimited use of our e-learning courses
  • Special discounts for Master degrees offered exclusively to our graduates from other Universities or colleges
  • Personal recommendations from our instructors (upon request)
  • Free participation to one-day special crash courses
  • Free participation to networking events

Is there an active online community I can participate in?

The Digital & Social Media Nation.

The biggest Greek speaking community of marketers & digital marketers. 95% of members are active every day. Brands, agencies, professionals and students participate.

Feel free to join this group now and start networking, discussing, asking or answering anything about marketing. You can also post or explore job positions or just follow the news.

Before enrolling

Who is this video production course for?

This program is aimed for anyone who has no prior knowledge in video production or a post-production video and audio software and wants to learn how to create video projects, like:

  • Individuals or professional freelancers who wish to refine or further explore the dynamic aspects of video production from the conceptualization to the final project result.
  • Executives who are looking to increase their marketability and to include digital video production in their job or resume skills.
  • Agencies who want to utilize the potential of video as a powerful means of digital communication and deliver effective audiovisual projects for their online campaigns.
  • Publishers or video bloggers who want to create original and exciting video content so as to enhance client/user interactivity and traffic.

Prices & payments

Can I cancel anytime? Do I get a refund if I do?


You can cancel anytime before the course's kick-off day.

Refunds policy

Please pay attention to our cancellation & refunds policy:

  • Cancellations received 15 days before the course will receive 100% refund of the amount paid
  • Cancellations received 14 - 1 days before the course will receive 50% refund
  • Cancellations received after the start of the course WILL NOT be eligible for ANY refund and you must complete all of your outstanding payments in case you are paying in installments.

Do prices include taxes? How do I pay?

Prices & taxes

Prices for all different tickets are inclusive of all fees & applicable taxes.


Your registration is binding and a payment is required before you book your seat. You can pay by credit or debit card only.

Payment by installments

Installments are available for our in-class & e-learning courses and can be offered when you pay by card only. Please mind that if you fail one of the installments your account freezes and you will not be able to attend our course.