Certificate in Advanced Social Media Marketing, Athens, Jun 2018

31 Advanced

Social media posts

Creating video & animations with Lumen5 & Wave

Personal exercise
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Copywriting essentials for great social media posts

calendar-iconWednesday 13 June 2018 times-icon18:00 (2h) marker-iconAuditorium

Copywriting in Greek

Personal exercise
calendar-iconWednesday 13 June 2018 times-icon19:00 (1h) marker-iconAuditorium

Copywriting in English

Personal exercise
calendar-iconWednesday 13 June 2018 times-icon20:00 (1h) marker-iconAuditorium

Visual design fundamentals for social media (covers, images, graphics)

calendar-iconThursday 14 June 2018 times-icon18:00 (1h) marker-iconAuditorium

Creating content with Canva.com

Platform demonstration
calendar-iconThursday 14 June 2018 times-icon19:00 (3h) marker-iconAuditorium

Video production fundamentals for social media

calendar-iconWednesday 20 June 2018 times-icon18:00 (1h) marker-iconAuditorium

Creating video & animations with Lumen5 & Wave

Personal exercise
calendar-iconWednesday 20 June 2018 times-icon19:00 (3h) marker-iconAuditorium

Social media posts specifications (links, tagging, hastags, targeting)

calendar-iconThursday 21 June 2018 times-icon18:00 (1h) marker-iconAuditorium

Create different posts for social media

Team exercise
calendar-iconThursday 21 June 2018 times-icon19:00 (2h) marker-iconAuditorium

Demonstrate your best social media posts

Teams presentations
calendar-iconThursday 21 June 2018 times-icon21:00 (1h) marker-iconAuditorium

Forming a social media content strategy & calendar

calendar-iconFriday 22 June 2018 times-icon18:00 (1h) marker-iconAuditorium

Create a content calendar

Team exercise
calendar-iconFriday 22 June 2018 times-icon19:00 (2h) marker-iconAuditorium

Present your content calendar

Teams presentations
calendar-iconFriday 22 June 2018 times-icon21:00 (1h) marker-iconAuditorium

Social media accounts

Social media management certificate attendants registration

calendar-iconThursday 07 June 2018 times-icon17:00 (1h) marker-iconFaculty Lounge

Certificate in advanced social media management welcome & overview

calendar-iconThursday 07 June 2018 times-icon18:00 (1h) marker-iconAuditorium

Social media management compared to other digital marketing channels

calendar-iconThursday 07 June 2018 times-icon19:00 (1h) marker-iconAuditorium

Social media accounts (setup, roles, settings)

calendar-iconThursday 07 June 2018 times-icon20:00 (1h) marker-iconAuditorium

Social media accounts advanced (claiming, merging, verification)

calendar-iconThursday 07 June 2018 times-icon21:00 (1h) marker-iconAuditorium

Create, customize and fill in different social media accounts

Personal exercise
calendar-iconFriday 08 June 2018 times-icon18:00 (4h) marker-iconAuditorium

Social media advertising

Social media advertising options for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter

calendar-iconWednesday 27 June 2018 times-icon18:00 (1h) marker-icon6th Auditorium

Facebook & Instagram advertising platform

Platform demonstration
calendar-iconWednesday 27 June 2018 times-icon19:00 (1h) marker-icon6th Auditorium

Twitter advertising platform

Platform demonstration
calendar-iconWednesday 27 June 2018 times-icon20:00 (1h) marker-icon6th Auditorium

LinkedIn advertising platform

Platform demonstration
calendar-iconWednesday 27 June 2018 times-icon21:00 (1h) marker-icon6th Auditorium

Social media tools

Buffer mashup tool

Platform demonstration
calendar-iconThursday 28 June 2018 times-icon18:00 (1h) marker-iconAuditorium

Live tutorial: Hootsuite mashup online tool

Platform demonstration
calendar-iconThursday 28 June 2018 times-icon19:00 (1h) marker-iconAuditorium

Agora Pulse mashup tool

Platform demonstration
calendar-iconThursday 28 June 2018 times-icon20:00 (1h) marker-iconAuditorium

Tabsite contests tool

calendar-iconThursday 28 June 2018 times-icon21:00 (1h) marker-iconAuditorium

Use mashup tools to post on different social media properties

Team exercise
calendar-iconFriday 29 June 2018 times-icon18:00 (4h) marker-icon6th Auditorium

Social media management

Respond & engage with social reactions (posts, comments, reviews, messages)

calendar-iconThursday 05 July 2018 times-icon18:00 (1h) marker-iconAuditorium

Exercise: Team 1: generate posts, questions. Team 2: monitor & respond to all reactions

Team exercise
calendar-iconThursday 05 July 2018 times-icon19:00 (3h) marker-iconAuditorium

Manage complaints & crisis on your social media accounts

calendar-iconWednesday 11 July 2018 times-icon18:00 (1h) marker-iconAC001

Exercise: Team 1: generate crisis scenarios. Team 2: monitor & manage crisis

Team exercise
calendar-iconWednesday 11 July 2018 times-icon19:00 (3h) marker-iconAC001

Social media services

Selling social media marketing services to clients

calendar-iconThursday 12 July 2018 times-icon18:00 (1h) marker-iconAuditorium

Team simulation: pitch & sell your company & services to a client

calendar-iconThursday 12 July 2018 times-icon19:00 (1h) marker-iconAuditorium

Managing social media clients, projects & reporting KPIs

calendar-iconThursday 12 July 2018 times-icon20:00 (1h) marker-iconAuditorium

Certificate in advanced social media summary & epilogue

calendar-iconThursday 12 July 2018 times-icon21:00 (1h) marker-iconAuditorium

Social media certificate exams & graduation

Multiple choice online comprehension test

calendar-iconFriday 13 July 2018 times-icon18:30 (2h) marker-iconAuditorium

Graduation & certificates

calendar-iconFriday 13 July 2018 times-icon20:30 (1.5h) marker-iconPark


Yannis Elpidis

Managing Partner, Darkpony Digital.


Vassiliki Kiriakidou

Managing Partner,


Panagiotis Papachatzis

Head of Strategy, 4hats.


Melina Politi

Social Media Manager, Liquid Media.

The American College of Greece campus

6 Gravias Street, 15342, Agia Paraskevi, Athens, Greece

Directions to ACG campus: By metro/bus: 25 mins by bus from 'Nomismatokopio' Metro station. By car: exit Y3 toward Cholargos/Agia Paraskevi in Attiki Odos. Get detailed directions here.

Before the course

Is there a specific enrollment deadline for this course in this particular city?

The only deadline is the kick-off day of the course and of course upon availability of seats/tickets. However, it is important to note that our tickets can sell out months or days before the kick-off day. Therefore, it is advisable to ensure you secure/book your seat the earliest possible and do not miss out on the opportunity to participate in the course.

Why is this course better than other courses available?

This highly acclaimed course has received multiple prestigious awards and is endorsed by major agencies and brands. It provides exceptional value for money and offers the most widely recognized certification in the field.

The curriculum and syllabus of the course are exceptional, featuring 80% exclusive topics that are not found in competing programs. It is constantly updated to reflect the latest industry developments and trends. The course duration is designed to ensure a comprehensive learning experience with more hours of instruction compared to other offerings. It covers all channels, strategies, and tactics in depth, going beyond basic information.

The instructors leading the course are industry market leaders or influencers with extensive hands-on experience. They are certified trainers capable of effectively teaching and mentoring others. They demonstrate personal interest in each student's growth and are readily available to answer questions and provide guidance, whether in the classroom or through online platforms.

We are committed to your professional growth and provide various opportunities to foster networking and collaboration. Frequent networking events are organized, allowing professionals to connect and exchange ideas. We also manage the largest active community of digital professionals, which serves as a valuable platform for ongoing support and professional development. Immediate access to digital and social media job opportunities is offered, with an impressive 95% hiring rate reported. Furthermore, we actively introduce and guide students to job opportunities in leading brands, digital agencies, and corporations.

Our dedication to your success extends beyond the course itself, as we strive to create an ecosystem that supports your growth and empowers you to thrive in the digital and social media industry.

Are there any prerequisites necessary for this digital marketing training?

No specific prerequisites are necessary for this course. However, our training is targeting individuals or organizations with basic understanding or previous experience, or graduates from academic majors of the following functions:

• Marketing

• Communication

• Advertising

• Business development

• Sales

• Public relations

• Internet

• Information technology

I have little to no knowledge in digital marketing, can I attend your courses?

The course curriculum is designed to be accessible and comprehensible for beginners or individuals without prior knowledge in the subject. We begin by introducing the fundamental principles of digital marketing and gradually progress to more advanced topics. Our program welcomes participants from diverse academic backgrounds and professional fields. We have successfully trained individuals with various specialties, including archaeologists, accountants, athletes, and many others. Regardless of their previous training or experience in the field, all participants, without exception, have experienced positive career transformations and advancements as a result of completing our course.

What is the difference between Knowcrunch's courses in a classroom and the e-learning courses?

The main difference between in-class courses and e-learning courses lies in the mode of delivery and the learning environment:

Mode of Delivery:

In-class courses are conducted in a physical classroom setting where students attend sessions in person, interact with the instructor and fellow classmates face-to-face, and participate in group activities. On the other hand, e-learning courses are delivered through our website platform, allowing students to access course materials, lectures, and assignments remotely via the internet.

Learning Environment:

In-class courses provide a structured learning environment where students engage in real-time discussions, receive immediate feedback from the instructor, and collaborate with peers through in-person interactions. E-learning courses offer a more flexible learning environment, allowing students to access course materials at their own convenience and progress through the content at their own pace. Interaction with instructors and peers typically occurs through our private Facebook group or virtual meetings via ZOOM.


In-class courses often adhere to a fixed schedule, requiring students to attend classes at specific times and locations. E-learning courses offer greater flexibility as students can access the material anytime, anywhere, allowing them to balance their studies with other commitments.


In-class courses may offer more personalized attention from instructors due to the smaller class sizes and direct interactions. E-learning courses, although lacking face-to-face interactions, often provide individualized learning experiences through interactive multimedia content, self-assessment quizzes, and adaptive learning technologies.

Ultimately, the choice between in-class and e-learning courses depends on personal preferences, learning style, and availability. In-class courses provide a traditional classroom experience with immediate feedback and face-to-face interactions, while e-learning courses offer flexibility, convenience, and self-paced learning opportunities through online platforms.

In which language are your courses and teaching material held?

Our course materials, including videos and files, are available exclusively in the Greek language.

Prices & payments

Can I cancel? If yes, until when? Do I get a refund?

For our courses taking place in a classroom we offer refunds in case of cancellation. You can cancel anytime before the course's kick-off day, but please pay attention to our cancellation & refunds policy:

• Cancellations received 15 days before the course will receive 100% refund of the amount paid.

• Cancellations received 14 - 1 days before the course will receive 50% refund of the amount paid.

• Cancellations received after the start of the course WILL NOT be eligible for ANY refund and you must complete all of your outstanding payments (if you choose to pay in installments).

How do I pay? Do prices include taxes?

You register and pay online via our website. We offer convenient online payment options, allowing you to pay in a step-by-step manner using either your personal or business credit or debit card. Alternatively, you can also make the payment using your personal or business bank account through SEPA direct debit that retrieves money from your bank automatically.

The prices for all ticket options include all fees and applicable taxes, ensuring transparency in the pricing. Additionally, each time you make a payment, you will receive an immediate receipt/invoice for your records.

Please note that your registration is considered binding, and a payment is required prior to commencing your training.

Do you offer monthly installment plans and how many? Are they interest-free?

We offer interest-free monthly installment options for both our in-class and e-learning courses. These installments are only available for payments made using credit or debit cards.

Courses in a classroom

You can opt to split the total cost into up to two (2) monthly payments. Please always check the tickets information for our updated policy on monhtly installments for each course. 

E-learning video on demand courses

You can opt to split the total cost into up to two (2) or three (3) monthly payments depending on the course. Please always check the tickets information for our updated policy on monhtly installments for each course. Some courses have no monthly installements at all. 

Please be aware that missing an installment will result in the suspension of your account, and you will be unable to access the course until the due payment is settled.

Do you accept/support programs like LAEK?

Our programs do not collaborate with the Greek LAEK program or any similar programs. This decision is primarily based on the fact that our headquarters are located in the US and our priority is to maintain the highest quality of educational materials and instruction. When partnering with the Greek LAEK program, there are specific guidelines and requirements that need to be followed. Unfortunately, adhering to these guidelines may compromise the integrity and quality of our curriculum. Therefore, we have chosen not to participate in such collaborations to ensure that we can deliver the best possible educational experience to our students.

Can my company pay for the course? Can you issue an invoice?

Certainly! Your company can make the payment for the course and receive an invoice. During the registration process, after entering the participant's information, you can provide the corporate details in the billing information step. In the subsequent step, you will have the option to select a business payment method to complete the transaction (company's debit or credit card or company's business bank account via the SEPA direct debit payment option).

The system declined my card, what can I do?

Our system informs you for the reasons we decline your card (e.g. incorrect card number, incorrect CVV number, incorrect cardholder name, expired card, insufficient funds). If there is no specific information about the decline from our system, then the first thing you should do is contact your bank and investigate the reason of the decline.


Do your in-class courses have exams?

Our Masterclass in Digital & Social Media Marketing in Athens or Thessaloniki (in a classroom) includes exams. Students who pass the exams successfully and complete the program will receive an official and widely recognized professional diploma.

On the other hand, students who do not pass the exams in Athens or Thessaloniki (in a classroom) will still receive a certificate of completion. In the event of exam failure, we offer the opportunity to retake the exams at the next available course in Athens or Thessaloniki.

Can I download or share my diploma/certification?

Yes, you can download your diploma or certification through your account. You can always share your certification on social media and specially in your LinkedIn account. 

What information is included on my diploma/certification?

Here is a sample of our professional diploma in digital and social media marketing which is exclusively awarded to graduates who have successfully completed the required exams. This diploma serves as a tangible recognition of their achievement and expertise in the field.