Curriculum overview

This EQF 5 level training program has an exceptional syllabus. Includes all the digital marketing channels, strategies, tools, metrics, KPIs and roles. Inspired by the top universities and driven by the latest updates in digital & social media marketing industry.

Study in class

This course takes place in a class and you attend lectures or collaborate with others in several hands-on class exercises or presentations.

Why enroll

This professional education is your best step towards having a career as a certified Digital & Social Media Specialist in just 3 months. Employers will be assured of the quality of your training because it has a long track record as a catalyst for change, a great reputation and is trusted by thousands of top agencies, brands and corporations. After completing this seminar, you will be able to immediately find a job or offer services into digital marketing.

An awarded education

Awarded as the 'Best Digital & Social Media Education', by Social Media World in 2016, 2017, 2018.